Tapping Workshops

Many of our students want to complete all levels of training. Some are happy with Level 1. Both is perfectly fine!

We have kept this in mind so our workshops have been modelled around the minimum requirements required to complete Level 1 certification in Emotional Freedom Techniques. So whether you want to learn EFT just for yourself, or whether you plan on working with others, our workshops will give you the skills and tools you need now, as well as keeping that door open for you in the future.

We have 3 one day, face to face workshops for you to choose from. Each workshop will give you the fundamentals of EFT, practical demonstration of the points, experience in Tapping within a group setting, as well as time to delve into your personal issues. We will have you leaving the workshop with a plan for your next steps, as well as a strong foundation of EFT as a tool to work through your own blocks and limits.

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The Art of Abundance with EFT – Level 1 Workshop

This workshop has a strong focus on incorporating the law of attraction style thinking into your EFT routine. You will learn that EFT isn’t just for clearing negative emotions you don’t want, but the understand the power of EFT to stride forward in achieving your goals. We will spend some time planning what you DO want and show you how to tap to achieve this.

Recover from a Relationship Breakdown with EFT - Level 1 Workshop

This workshop has been developed for people to overcome the stress, trauma, hurt, upset of a relationship breakdown. Whether it was yesterday or years ago, unless we deal with the emotions of this event, we still carry them around. In this workshop we work on the emotions of a relationship breakdown of an intimate relationship, a family member, friend or even a parent. We will look at the hierarchy of emotions a traumatic event will go through, the triggers left behind and how to resolve them so you can let them go.

Your Freedom from Stress with EFT - Level 1 Workshop

This workshop is designed for you to let go of the stress of daily life by giving you the tools to overcome the stressors, anxiety, anger and frustration as they arise to they don’t overwhelm your day. By looking at the triggers we can help you move beyond your daily addictions to smoking, eating, drinking, swearing (haha) to help you live a stress-less life.

What does the course cost?

Each one day course is $250 including lunch, morning and afternoon tea and workbook. Early bird discounts are offered for each course. Combined Level 1 and 2 discounts are also offered.

What if I don't know how to Tap?

We’ll teach you! You don’t need any previous experience to join our workshops. Just bring with the desire to want more for your life!

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  • Kate KingwellKate KingwellAdvanced Clinical EFT Practitioner Clinical EFT Practitioner Energy Medicine Practitioner Life Coach Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapist Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner

    This course has finally got me to be where I want to be when I grow up! Helping others to empower themselves by releasing blocks.

  • SandraSandraEFT Practitioner student

    "What are you waiting for? sign up!
    I knew I needed to find something else to study in the spiritual and healing side of life. I was looking to learn tapping and came across ATI by chance. I really liked that this course had the tapping and the life coaching because one really goes with the other. I feel in this day and age we have lost our way and this course has really empowered me to help others. I love the fact that we have such a warm and friendly community where everyone supports each other too."

  • Eva CarterEva Carter

    "This Tapping Circle course is brilliant and exactly what I needed right now, to expand my business into more group settings! The detail that the modules explore is all-encompassing and extremely thorough. It's really everything you need to know, from concept, planning, set up and execution...right down to the details of the physical props and equipment required. The simply-explained (but detailed) modules in website selection, billing and software are such excellent additions and something I was looking for!

  • Nicole Hydes-BrowneNicole Hydes-Browne

    Advanced Clinical EFT Practitioner and Life Coach, Neurodivergent Wellbeing Coach & Founder of The FEMME Shed - a Community Supporting Women Navigating Neurodiversity.

  • Aimee JaenschAimee Jaensch

    "I absolutely loved the Tapping Circle Success Course, Lorna is an amazing trainer with so much passion, knowledge and experience, and she was very generous with what she shared in it! Not only is there a step by step process of all aspects of running a tapping circle, but there are also videos on how to invite people, choosing the topic, how to get paid, creating Canva graphics for it, and even a whole recorded series of a past Tapping Circle that Lorna herself did - so insightful and helpful! I now feel confident that I could do my own Group Tapping Circle! Thanks Lorna!"

  • Annie SmithAnnie SmithEFT with Annie Smith

    "I totally loved this course, it was just what I was looking for before holding my first ever group online tapping session, so thank you very much !! The lesson videos are short and jammed packed with everything anyone needs to know. This course covers everything from thinking about holding a group session, planning the group session, what equipment is needed, to promoting and enrolment, right up to actually conducting the group sessions. Nothing has been left out. I have finished this course with every question I had, having been answered and any doubt or concern I had totally erased. I am now looking forward to holding my first online group tapping session knowing I am completely prepared. Thank you Lorna and Australian Tapping Institute for yet another amazing course. 👏 "

  • Madelaine AllenMadelaine Allen@mindfullymadelaine

    "This course has helped me understand what makes a tapping circle great, both in a live setting & an online setting! I am really looking forward to launching my first online session at the end of the month with confidence & a few new tricks up my sleeve thanks to this course!"

  • Jess MunksJess MunksThe Tapping Space

    "After being able to build a sustainable space online over the past two years, I've been scared to dip my toe into the face to face world. Despite my heart calling to connect with a greater circle. Lorna, You've managed to squash all of my what ifs, by covering so many of the circulating questions I had in my head with the content you've provided in this course.

    It's allowed me to consider the things I'm already doing, and incorporate these new learnings and pleasant reminders, to ensure I can provide an even better experience for my clients in a group or circle space.

  • RochelleRochelleCurrent EFT Student

    "Highly recommend this course, you won't be sorry! What I'm loving the most about the course is the online community and I'm learning a lot. The course really will stretch you, but in a good way, both professional and personal, whether you just want to explore more about life coaching or EFT. Head office is so helpful and I like that the answers to my question appear in the online community so everyone learns from it."

  • DeniseDeniseEFT Practitioner

    I started with the free courses...and felt the stress and anger lift, so I decided to enrol. It has been great, I am learning to help others as well as improve myself - can't ask for anything more. The course is well organised and run, with help whenever you need it, it doesn't matter that I am in a different part of the country.

  • Pam ShimodaPam ShimodaAdvanced EFT Practitioner

    "This course has truly changed my life and was worth every penny!"

    I recently completed my Advanced Practitioner Training in Life Coaching and EFT with the wonderful and inspirational Lorna Hollinger at The Australian Tapping Institute. This course has truly changed my life and was worth every penny! The course is comprehensive, wonderfully presented and leaves no stone unturned. You don’t just grow as a practitioner, but blossom as a person also, as so much of he curriculum is around self development. The available support is amazing and I simply can’t recommend this highly enough.

  • BronjaBronja48, Accountant, EFT advocate

    “I have taken away a really great tool that I can use on myself. Its always been easy for me to think things are easy for me, and I don’t acknowledge it. This course is great for anyone who is suffering from addictions, depression or other mental health issues. I will be tapping every day.”

  • Alix GreerAlix GreerShropshire, England, (

    “I knew as soon as I saw ATI’s EFT training it was what I was meant to do and I was truly blown away what I came away learning and discovering. Doing my EFT training with ATI was out of this world. I learnt so much that I walked away feeling confident to use tapping for myself and clients. Lorna has an amazing way to bring the best out in you and makes you feel at ease to practice and develop your EFT tapping skills. They make it very practical, informative but most of all fun. I'm now back home in England I am known in my local area as “the tapping girl” and hold live workshops, events and now coach worldwide to women using EFT to create shifts in their lives. I am truly grateful for your support and training Lorna. I highly recommend you train with ATI as you are truly looked after and supported throughout the training.”

  • Hannah IniaHannah IniaSydney, Australia - EFT Practitioner, Medium, Workshop facilitator

    “I first met Lorna from ATI a number of years ago when I wanted to learn EFT to help heal my grand daughters weeping ears. Little did I know that I would end up becoming an EFT Practitioner. Instead of just tapping on my issues in the private sessions, Lorna taught me how to successfully tap on others too. Over time I got to the root of my grand daughters real issues and her ears started to heal. Its then I knew I wanted to use Tapping to help other people so I enrolled in the Practitioner certification course and graduated in April 2016. I have recently completed my first international training workshop in my home town in New Zealand. I am so excited about where this EFT journey will take me next.”

  • Marie CoppMarie CoppPractitioner of EFT & Life Coaching, Founder of Essential Health Harmony, Essential oils advocate

    "I completed my EFT Practitioner and Life Coaching Certification late last year through ATI. It was such a valuable learning experience for me which I've been able to incorporate into my wellness business as a powerful tool to help others. Empowering others to live their best lives is what Lorna and ATI are all about! Very grateful indeed!"

  • Alesia De LucaAlesia De LucaAdvanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Pharmacist, Founder of Mind Body Logic, Brisbane, Australia

    "After researching several courses offering EFT and Life Coaching certification, I decided to enrol with Lorna Hollinger and the Australian Tapping Institute. The course content is second to none and the ongoing support offered is incredibly valuable both during and after the course completion. ATI is not only and excellent platform of education but it is also a wonderful community to be part of. Lorna is incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging and I have grown both personally and professionally through the foundational skill set I have gained, learning and applying this healing modality. My ATI journey has been an incredibly life changing and rewarding journey for me! One that has allowed me to follow my passion with confidence, to help serve others in their desire to live their most fulfilling and joyous life. I am truly grateful for the experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lorna and the ATI team."

  • Irene HickmanIrene HickmanEFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Queensland, Australia

    "I have been going through my notes to get a sense of how far I’ve come since I’ve started with ATI. Turns out it was a great idea, as I am amazed at the things I thought were big issues only 7 months ago and they don’t even rate any more!"

  • Sue WeeksSue WeeksEFT & Life Coach Practitioner, South Australia

    "Most excitingly for me, is that my husband and I, who were ‘on very shaky ground’, are now happier together than we have ever been."

  • Lea RutterLea RutterAdvanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Australia

    "I had no idea that the person I would become, would be so different. There is this beautiful community that you become part of, there is constant support. I have met people through the course that will be friends for life."

  • Laura AdamsLaura AdamsAdvanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Founder of Wish Tree Counselling, Queensland, Australia

    "I am forever surprised by the magic of EFT, This course was so empowering and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to develop their personal growth and or work with others in a healing capacity."


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If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!  


Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!  



Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!