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Working with Your Clients Whenever, Wherever

How technology lets you have a global business

With the rapid development of technology today, brand new platforms are being released daily.  For us, as EFT Practitioners, this is a great thing.  Using technology has allowed me to have clients based anywhere in the world where the person has access to the internet.  Initially I used Skype for individual client calls as it was the most effective free service available. I had clients in the USA and UK.  These days I find Zoom is my favourite, however there are many other services, just like Zoom that are also available.  Some will be paid, some will be free. Some will allow you to record the session for your client and some won’t.

PayPal and Stripe allow a safe method for my clients to pay me, globally.

Our school is hosted on a third-party provider site which means we are very skilled at developing online courses and programs, so we teach our students how to have their own online programs too. Online programs and workshops allow you to expand your reach as well as scale your EFT business to generate passive income.

Technology allows you easy access to marketing tools. With a smart phone you can make a video and pop it onto multiple social media channels in minutes. You can then share that video across several channels and get a lot of reach with one quick video.

What equipment and technology can I use with clients?

The short version is…everything!!

Depending on how you intend to work with clients will determine the equipment you will need.

The digital world means we can have global online businesses from our sofa! But while you’ll be wanting to “keep it real” and be you! you’ll also want to be seen as a professional outfit, even if you are sitting in your underwear. So, a couple of basics are needed. Of course, for your face to face clients, we recommend fully clothed ha-ha

The simplest way to work with clients, digitally, is via your phone, tablet, laptop or pc. Pretty much anything that has a camera, a microphone and stable internet will give you global reach.  With EFT, we want to be able to see our clients on screen so your clients will only need the same set up. Anything with a camera, microphone and stable internet.

You could have your phone or tablet propped against ‘something’ however I would recommend a tripod. You’ll pick one up on eBay or your local tech-store for around $25, you’ll want to include a mount for your device if its hand held.

Your laptop probably has a built-in camera.  Personally, I found that my laptop camera didn’t have the quality I wanted so invested in a webcam that plugged into my laptop by USB. This is portable and mounts onto my laptop or pc monitor – whichever one I’m using. I can also use it with a tripod and mine has a built in microphone.  It’s a Logitech brand.

In terms of software – these days I use for my client sessions. It’s a good platform, it’s easy to use plus the bonus is I can allow clients to record the session direct to their device. There will be a bunch of online software like Zoom that you can use. They will vary in cost and functionality. Zoom costs me about AU$24 per month – at the time of writing this guide.

Now if your head has just exploded with all this technology let me remind you that I am not a millennial who was born with an iPhone in her hand. I’m in my 50’s and have learned technology along the way so don’t let what you don’t know today be the indicator of what you can’t learn for tomorrow.

While face to face client work can’t be beaten, technology allows us the next best thing and gives anyone anywhere, no matter how remote, the opportunity to have a business that they can run from anywhere. Stable internet. Device with camera and microphone. That’s all.

Now I didn’t start off with everything. I built my kit as the years have gone along. Each 6-12 months I would add a new piece of tech to my setup as my bank balance improved. When I first started out, I got a little hooked up on “getting everything right”!   I would watch videos from Marie Forleo, or Brendon Burchard and Tony Robbins and be totally in awe of the professionalism of their videos on social media.  I allowed it all to overwhelm me, make me feel inadequate and quite frankly, afraid that my message and voice weren’t important enough. I want to save you from that. Even though I was working face to face with clients I was doing marketing online and I certainly was ‘overthinking things’.

Start off with what you a) can afford, b) need. That’s the basics.

These days I have a lighting studio, lapel microphones, teleprompter software on my iPad, custom print backdrops and a dedicated recording space.

Finances and getting paid is another advancement that I love. Global clients mean global payment solutions are needed. My two favourites are PayPal and Stripe. Both allow payments from your clients without them needing their own account. They can use credit card or debit card. They are free to use but some transaction fees do apply. There are, of course other payment gateways available too with varying fees so find the best option for your business that’s available in the country you live in.

There are also several solutions for your face to face clients. They could pay you via PayPal/Stripe before each session using their own credit or debit card. They could direct deposit to your own bank account. Both rely on you checking your account before your client arrives and having an awkward conversation if the funds haven’t arrived yet.

You could purchase a device that attaches to your phone and allows clients to pay on the spot with credit and debit cards. Square is one such device that runs from your phone or tablet through internet connectivity.

You could raise invoices through your PayPal account for recurring clients.

You could accept cash.

Client appointment booking software is available too. There are so many on the market today. Each software will behave different, but you want one that will synchronise directly to your main calendar and allow clients to book themselves in at times allocated by you. Several of these booking systems will also allow you to take payments at the time of booking and synchronise with your payment gateway. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive that runs through your website to start with. There are several choices that are free to start with too.

Don’t spend money where you don’t have to when you are starting out.

Build your hardware as time progresses and money allows.

Which sessions have the best results – Face2face vs online

Personally, I love working face to face with clients. There is something about the physicality of two humans interacting. However, with my EFT school as my focus I only work with a select number of clients these days. During the days of my full client list I worked with clients a mix of ways. I often had face to face clients who came to my location for a couple of sessions, then we moved to phone sessions to cut down their travel. See in the early days, which was almost a decade ago, we didn’t have all the video options available. It was face to face, phone or skype. By the time my International clients arrived, I had found better video options, including WhatsApp and Messenger. I used the same system for our interstate clients too.

I love training face to face. I love engaging face to face. However, with the world feeling smaller as we all connect digitally, these new ways of connecting can be equally effective. My children and I travel the world and stay in touch regularly. My family and friends are scattered across the globe and we are probably more connected than I am with my neighbours. For me it comes down to a couple of things:

  • Being present for the other person regardless of how we connect
  • Listening to ‘hear them’, both what they say and don’t say
  • Getting good at noticing the nuances and subtle movements of my online clients

However, you choose to work with clients your skill set, and coaching muscle will determine your results not the technology you use or don’t use.

And this could be the perfect time to remind you that your client sessions aren’t about you. The best sessions will come from you:

  • Not having an outcome agenda for your client or session
  • Being open and present to whatever arises for your client
  • Trusting that you’ll deliver the best for your client in every session

As I mentioned it’s not the technology, or the location that will determine whether face to face or online is best, but your decision to master your craft, show up 100% committed for your client every session and to leave your ego out the door.

That’s what will make the difference.

How many sessions do people use a Practitioner for? (Aka what’s is a client’s lifetime value?)

Clients will come to us for a variety reasons and issues and therefore will have varying needs of length of time they will spend with us.

There are many ways you could set up your own practice and your pricing structure to accommodate these varying needs.

Let’s look at a few of them.

  • 1 to 1 single session: This kind of session could be used for a single specific issue your client is experiencing, say a phobia. Fear of flying, insect or animal phobia, etc. I’m not a fan of single sessions. Even with a phobia for example, my experience tells me there is so much more sitting beneath the surface of it. You would have a fixed per session rate, factoring in that a phobia could take more than an hour, so you might offer 90-minute session for example and set your rate accordingly. You could position your business as the expert in some area, for example, you could become the spider phobia expert, or the person who kills off fear of public speaking. This is also known as niching, and this list could be endless.
  • Packaging your services: This is my favourite way to engage clients. While in the early days I saw anyone for anything for as many times as they wanted to see me, I quickly moved into packaging my services. I would only see clients who agreed to 4 sessions minimum, as I already knew that the issue, they presented me with was never the problem. Many clients continued to work with me after their 4 sessions had passed and I maintained them on the same rate as their 4 sessions had been. Single session didn’t give me the traction I knew we could get with multiple sessions. While I do talk about making sure your ego isn’t in the room with your clients, I can admit my ego was attached to an outcome for clients in those days. I wanted to make sure they got transformation, shift in their life and healing. I wanted them to tell EVERYONE about their experience of working with me. Referrals was how I built my business. I would package my session rates up by offering a reduced rate per session, say instead of $150 for a single session, I would offer $130 per session across all 4 sessions totalling $520. Sometimes I would offer “buy three sessions and get 4th one free”. $450 for the 4 sessions calculates out to $112 per session. These aren’t the real numbers you might use but they give you the idea.
  • Emergency session: This is a single session you may offer clients who have graduated out of seeing you regularly, but they have had an issue arise for them. Again, you’ll determine the rate for these, whether you offer your current session rate to this client or retain them on the rate they were on when they saw you last.
  • Group workshops: This will be a structured program, whether multiple days or single day. There will be a cost per participant. You will want to factor in venue hire, any catering, any other costs plus profit for you. You’ll want to know your break even cost and your minimum numbers to run the workshop. Group work is lucrative, expands your reach and develops a different skill set for you. My very first workshop was around goal setting (before I found EFT) and I charged $50 per person in a rented venue. I got a full room and a huge confidence boost. The last workshops I ran before I focussed completely on Practitioner training, I charged $250 for the day and ran it from my home. You could also develop and run online group workshops. I have a USA based friend who very successfully runs online group workshops to women across the globe.
  • Corporate: There is a Wellness movement within corporate businesses that is focusing on the wellbeing of their employees. Companies are seeing the direct benefits of ensuring their workforce is healthy, happy and engaged. Developing wellness programs for corporates could be an avenue you pursue.

Where would I work from if I don’t have an office of my own?

Having your own office whether in your own home, or elsewhere isn’t essential to the success of your business. Initially I started working with clients on the phone. It was almost a decade ago and technology wasn’t what it is today. Anywhere you can access internet is now your potential office. When I was doing my Life Coach training, I remember the trainer saying that I could work from anywhere that I could focus on my client 100% and with practice they were right.

In those days – I would call clients from cafes and parks sometimes and even from my car (pulled over the to kerb, of course). I was a busy mum and wife with a corporate career who was studying and working with clients. I had to get creative some days.

Later I turned a spare room in our home to an office/client space. I saw clients in this space as well as used it for my business office. The upside was that I didn’t have to travel, and I didn’t have any rent or outgoings to pay. The downside was that I was bringing strangers into our home, and I had to tidy up my desk space regularly. Tidy isn’t the first word you’ll use to describe me.

So, let’s talk about what you’ll do to see your clients.

It’s your presence and skill that will determine your success. We teach our students how to be 100% present for someone. To be able to hear them, focus on them, without distraction.  This is a skill you want to master.

Your personal household circumstances are going to play a big part in how, where and when you’ll see clients. The key is finding places you won’t be disturbed. Let’s walk through a range of options you could consider:

  • Find yourself at least one park or outdoor space that was reasonably quiet that could be your go-to place. You’ll want shelter from the wind as it can play havoc with your microphone. You’ll also want to make sure you feel safe there too, as your focus will be on that person on the end of the video or phone call. If you are choosing somewhere with a shelter or structure, check out the graffiti isn’t offensive.
  • A space in your home. This doesn’t need to be a whole room. It could be a corner in your bedroom. A spot at the end of your dining room. It may be your computer wherever that is in your home. You will be on video, so your client won’t be seeing your whole home. You could have a desk set up, with any sort of plain background on the wall. Something as simple as a blank wall (regardless of colour) or with a piece of wall art or two. It doesn’t have to be just a blank wall, but I have been guilty of not being conscious of the backdrop behind my video for interviews then cringing once the interview is live. We also had a student on a live training call with her husband walking around in the background in his underpants. So, test your camera to see behind you what your clients will see. You’ll also want to be mindful of pets, screaming kids and partners needing attention too.
  • Renting space. I rented a great space within my chiropractor’s office for a few years and this is something you should consider too. Anywhere that has multiple modalities being offered could be a potential space for you. Chiropractor. Osteopath. Nutritionist/naturopath. Metaphysical space. Health/wellness studio, just to name a few. You want to be looking for places that have other services complementary to yours that you could rent for a day. You wouldn’t choose, say, your accountant’s office as the referrals will be minimal if not zero unless, it was free, and you have another great referral system in place. You could also have multiple locations too, as your client list increases. Northside on a Monday. Southside on a Wednesday for example. There are several websites here in Australia that take advertisements for people offering rooms for rent. Check out what’s available in your country or go visit locations that appeal to you. Locations could offer you booking services, for a fee. For example, you could share reception costs. Some will charge you a percentage of each client session booked as the space fee. Others will offer a flat rate for the Room only. Choose the rental option that suits you best.
  • A space at a friend/family members home. If your home if always busy and demanding, perhaps someone you know might have a great space that you could use that is quiet and available. A spare room with an uncluttered background. A back patio with bushes or plants. Somewhere quiet without dogs barking and people interrupting you.
  • Your car. Pulled over to the kerb. I’m not suggesting you work with any client whilst driving!! Whilst this isn’t the ideal backdrop, you want quiet, uninterrupted and private. The reality was that whilst I was juggling parenthood, a marriage, a career and clients I did have to be creative about when and where I was able to connect. Remember it’s the 100% focus and attention on your client that will get results, not what location you are in.
  • At your office job in your lunch break. I know this one will be a tad confronting for some people and will depend on the type of work you do. I had a great corporate employer who allowed me to work with clients, online, during my break. I would bring my tablet to the office, connect to my own internet, book one of the private meeting rooms and work for an hour session. I used my break time effectively. I also used the same process for my study too, doing it during my break. When meeting rooms weren’t available, I also went out into the office garden. I had access to a tripod and just set up my tablet, in a quiet corner, plugged in my headphones/microphone and worked from there.

Some of the choices above will have you shaking your head and saying no, right off the bat. But I ask you to keep an open mind. You never know what opportunity will present to you once you set the intention that you need a space for client work. I wouldn’t suggest chatting to a client when driving, or on public transport. A cafe could be ok, but you’ll need to be a master at not allowing any distractions to, well distract you. Your client, whether paid or practice is giving their time and/or money to work with you – they deserve no less than your total focus and concentration.

Once you start to branch out from just seeing one to one clients, you will be looking for group space. Whether that is group work in a physical location or setting up online. If you are wanting to host face to face group workshops you will have different criteria than private sessions. Group workshops by their very nature are less private and can be accommodated in a more open space. Yoga or wellness studios. Your local gym. Our local garden centre offers a great indoor space. Neighbourhood centres. Community centres. You’ll want to make sure they have chairs as you not everyone will be able to sit on the floor for a length of time. I started my first workshops at my dining room table on a day my family was out. The first EFT Practitioner trainings that I ran were from my dining room table. My graduates and I still laugh about it. After all, didn’t Apple start from someone’s shed? Ha-ha

Once you start to work in groups of people, this is called leveraging your time. You will want to do this. While I am strongly encouraging you to start a fabulous EFT private client business, I am also encouraging you to think bigger than that. It’s very easy to get to burn out when seeing lots of clients each day. Seeing one to one clients also has a ceiling or cap on it too. You only have so many hours in your day and can only push you rate as high as people will pay. Moving to group work is the answer. Whether you develop live workshop trainings or online training. We want you to leverage your time for maximum financial returns.

We encourage our students to think in terms of programs that are delivered online as well as structured live programs. Anywhere that you can bring a group of people together. We know that EFT-Tapping is effective in group work utilising the borrowing benefits power of EFT. The group might be focusing on something mean your mum said but you don’t share that experience. Chances are somewhere in your life someone was mean to you, so your brain will go and access that memory and deal with its power over you.

And while any of you reading this are feeling icky about money conversations, I’ll be asking you to get over that. My ultimate goal is to open my charity, “The Marion Project”. It’s named after my mum who died when I was 18. Its sole purpose will be to offer EFT coaching to people who have been abused as children. I can’t stop that abuse, but I can provide them a safe place to Heal. To do this work, I’ll need money. Lots of money!  My point here is that the more money you make the more philanthropic you can be elsewhere, the more generous you can be with your money and your time. My business will fund my charity.

Leveraging your time will give you this.

You could offer retreats, both single day and residential.

You could develop topic-specific single or multi day workshops.

You could start a paid Tapping Circle online or live

The list is endless, and we know this because our graduates are always coming up with new ways to use EFT and new markets and industries to include EFT in.


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Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!  



Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!