Why the key to the success of my business is looking after myself

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Why the key to the success of my business is looking after myself

Why do I need to look after myself?

In the early days of your business, your EFT Practice – you are IT!

You are your business.  No one else. Not only can this feel like a huge responsibility not to mention overwhelming it’s also imperative that you start off on the right foot.

There is such a social trend these days to talk about self-care and while I have also bought into this movement to some extent I am not sure the majority of us even know what it really means.

For me, particularly in this coaching/practitioner space is about recognising burn out long before it arrives. It is recognising when you are doing too much, and trying to fit too much in. This can be challenging when your business is new and perhaps you are still studying. You are trying to keep your family happy and balancing your time. But you need to be aware of your own body, and the impacts and affects that these additional stressors have on your body.

You are entering a career where you will be connecting with the energy of other people. You must develop healthy rituals for protecting your energy, and for clearing and cleansing after they have gone. Now don’t get all woo-woo panicky over this. Its not as intense or weird as it sounds. We just want you to be aware that in any career where you are supporting other people, and helping them work through any of their own issues – developing sound self care routines is imperative for your longevity in this industry.

Why is it important to balance my own energy?

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a set of amazing energy techniques that transform lives quickly and easily.  As an EFT Practitioner, we become connected to the energy of our clients. This actually happens with pretty much everyone you interact with every day, but in session with a client, it can be the most intense.

When you have full client books and you are working with 8, 5 or even just 2-3 clients a day, this will have a BIG impact on your own energy body unless you put mechanisms and rituals in place to protect, cleanse and balance you own body.

Personally, I do enjoy being connected energetically to my clients, so I don’t put up big energy walls, or apply my own energetic “battle armour”. Instead I use other techniques that include managing my spacial environment, i.e. being conscious of the placement of chairs and other items in the room. I cleanse the room before and after each client. My go-to is either burning of sage or drumming. I also waft the smoke around myself as well.  I keep myself hydrated and ensure that I am grounded and present during each session.

Burnout can be such a common ailment of those of us in careers where we help others and connect so energetically to them.  Healthy consistent rituals as well as recognising when you need support will help you manage your long-term health.

How working on your own issues will make you a better Coaching Practitioner

When I first started my training in Life Coaching, I remember our trainer saying something along the lines of “every client who comes to see you will bring an issue either you are currently dealing with or you have just dealt with”.  At the time I didn’t really get it but as time has gone on, its become pretty clear what he meant.

He didn’t mean it as literally as it sounds, but metaphorically it does make sense.

The more of my own issues, triggers and upsets I cleared, the more I grew into the person I wanted to be. The more of my own struggles, challenges and negative thought patterns I addressed, the easier it was to recognise those patterns in my clients. The more I faced my demons, the clearer I became about how I wanted to show up each day, what standards I was prepared to stand by, daily.  The more I was accountable for my own behaviour the more I could be congruent in asking my clients to be accountable for theirs.

If I wasn’t prepared to do my own work on my own issues, why should a client come to work with me, pay me money if I wasn’t walking my talk.

Being triggered by a client’s issues and what to do about it

I still remember the first time that this happened to me. That absolute terror that chilled through my body as my own fight or flight triggered when a client started to share a story so paralleled to my own.  It was early on in my Coaching practice. I didn’t even have EFT in my toolkit yet.

My mind was racing, and my concentration was difficult to control. I finished the session with her, and I was exhausted.  It hadn’t yet dawned on me that a client could share details with me that would trigger me in such a way.  I was working with my own coach back then and told her about the session.  She was so happy it had happened! I didn’t understand.

With hindsight being the wonderful judge that it is, I later realised that it was a gift to learn such a difficult, yet valuable lesson so early on in my career.

The issue that the client had triggered was something that I knew was there but didn’t do anything about. I hadn’t done any work to resolve it or clear it. I was ignoring it best I could, regardless of the impact it was having on my daily life. I considered it too painful to work through.

So, with the Universal Order of things such as it is, the Universe aligned a very painful way to drag me to face this issue, work through it, process and let it go.  Today I think of it as a gift. Back then I felt it was soul destroying, emotional and traumatic – all over again.

Had I worked on the issue myself it wouldn’t have arisen in the session as it did. My client could still have presented her issue and the details, but the difference would have been that I was already working through it, or already had.  Either way, this issue wouldn’t have been so raw or so painful for me.

The more work we do on our own issues the less chance there is of being triggered by details from a client.

The more work we do on our own issues, the better equipped we are to work with our clients on theirs.

The more work we do on our own issues the lighter, free-er and emotionally equipped to help others we will be.

Why every Practitioner should have their own Practitioner?

One of the greatest fallacies of this industry is the idea that you must have your own life sorted before you can help others. Nothing could be further from the truth.  As a Practitioner, I believe I have a duty to my clients to continuously evolve and grow and to show up as a better me each day.  Throughout this book we have discussed how the unconscious brain keeps us safe by packing away upsetting memories and thoughts. If this is the case for my clients, it’s definitely the case for me too.

Even as an EFT Practitioner and EFT Trainer I still have my own upsetting thoughts, memories and triggers in my life. They didn’t all go away when I embarked on this career. I have spent a decade or so working through them.  I have made massive progress from the woman who plotted her own suicide, weekend after weekend when her sons were with their dad. I have evolved so far from the victim I once was, when I would tell anyone, no everyone who would listen, what horrors my ex-husband had done to me. The beauty of this industry is that I now have access to some of the best healers, practitioners and coaches in the business!  This is a real blessing. I am particular who I allow to work with my energy body and do healing and therapy with me. I still work on my own issues myself, regularly and usually with Tapping. And I still seek professional regular support from my go-to people.

If we expect people to come work with us on their issues, it makes sense that we should still be seeking the same professional help on our issues. We are all a constant work in progress.

The art of self-care as a Practitioner/Coach

Self-care is probably the greatest tool you will ever have to avoid burnout.  When we constantly give to others, that personal emotional fuel tank becomes very depleted very quickly. The only way to top up this tank is to take time for you.  So many of us are raised in households and societies that frown upon taking time out for ourselves.  It’s labelled as selfish or self-centred. Yet when we constantly give and give and give, what we end up being able to give to others is so diluted that it’s never feels good enough anyway.

Me, I learned this the hard way. I drove myself to deliver results. I didn’t prioritise my health or exercise, let alone developing healthy eating habits. My health suffered. My relationships suffered.  I was working atleast 6 days a week, most nights and even popped in a cheeky Sunday to work as well.

Today that’s a very different story. Interestingly too, the more I practice self-care the more my business has grown. I experience more success now that I take weekends off and spend time with other people enjoying other adventures too.

Self-care is an essential element to a successful YOU!

Our school has attracted students that are healers in so many different modalities, so I asked them what they do to practice self-care. The following list comes from them so I hope these will help you too.

  • Daily Tapping routines
  • Regular exercise and movement
  • Healthy mindful eating practices
  • Meditation, both personal and attending group sessions
  • Gratitude Journaling
  • Sage smudging/burning or Palo Santo
  • Using essential oils (good quality)
  • Drumming rituals
  • Singing bowls or chanting
  • Spending time in nature touching the earth with shoes off
  • Getting a massage, both scalp and foot were favourites
  • Working with a body-worker, these included Reiki and Kinesiology
  • Skin brushing (with a soft brush)
  • Listening to inspiring podcasts and interviews
  • Reading both novels for the enjoyment, and self-help books
  • Practicing daily kindness to themselves

It doesn’t really matter what you choose to include in your daily rituals, and even if yours isn’t on this list. Practicing daily self-care is essential no matter what your career and consistency of that care, is the key.

Keeping your environment cleansed 

When I started working as a Life Coach, I had zero experience in this woo-woo world of Emotional Freedom Techniques, or Reiki or Kinesiology. I had no idea about the mind body connection let alone considering I was Intuitive or Psychic as someone had suggested.  This was still all hocus pocus to me. I had been to a Medium but had no idea how she knew anything about me.

I had Zip. Zero. Zilch.

I considered myself a science girl, and still do – to an extent.

This was long before I started my EFT School so when people around me started to talk about “cleansing” my environment I was still thinking housework like moping or dusting. When a girlfriend who was a healer suggested she come over a “sage” my home, I was like WTF?!?

Fast forward many years and sageing has become part of my home care routine, albeit my son thinks I’m either burning down the house or smoking pot (which I don’t! ha-ha). Despite it’s unusual yet distinct smell, sageing has the effects of clearing negative energy from different rooms in the home. Its effects can be very subtle to some, yet very profound to others.  Palo Santo is another substance very favoured for burning or smudging.

Both are known for creating a calmer, more tranquil space.

Here are a couple of very simple steps you can use if you are new to smudging/burning that will walk you through the process.

  1. Set an intention about what you want to clear out of your space.
  2. Carefully light the end of the sage or Palo Santo until the embers light.
  3. Note: this is now a burning item – it will cause ash and embers. Lit embers can break off so be mindful of other furnishings while you do this. You don’t want to set your home on fire!!
  4. Move carefully from corner to corner of a room. This will remove any bad energy.
  5. I like to chant quietly – “clear, clear” when smudging. I have no idea whether it changes the effects, but I find I like to do it.
  6. Extinguish the embers completely before placing your sage or Palo Santo on any other surface. I run the lit end under running water.
  7. This routine will uplift your spirit, and fill your home with good fortune

Another routine I enjoy is drumming. I purchased a shamanic drum several years ago and I prefer to use this to cleanse and clear rooms of my home. I walk into rooms and I set my intention. It’s usually along the lines of “Anything that is not here for me, kindly move along. Anyone who is not here for me, kindly move along”. I bang on my drum while I repeat this wandering through each room. I pay particular attention to the corners of the room.  I like the sound and the feel of the drums.

My home is set up that a couple of other healers and practitioners run their business out of dedicated client rooms. I am fortunate that they do a significant part of the cleansing of the client space for me.

Set up your routine to clear your space regularly, whether you will be working with clients somewhere in your home or elsewhere. You might not be welcome to sage in a rented space, particularly if it’s a co-shared space so you might want to Google other options for you.

Choose what kind of clearing options work best for you then implement them.

Congratulations!!  You’ve made it to the very end of this very comprehensive Guide!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and that it will help you on your journey to becoming an amazing EFT Practitioner and Life Coach.  The world is changing, and even more people are looking for help to evolve.

This is your time, my friend.

You now have a strong foundation to knowing exactly what is involved to be a success in this industry. But this Guide is only the tip of the iceberg.  Not only do I want you to have a thriving EFT Practice helping people one on one, but I want you to leverage the power of Group Coaching and Online Programs to really rock this world!!

But this Guide, even though it’s more than 100 pages long, it’s just the start of this amazing journey for you. There’s so much more that I couldn’t cover in this guide.

If you’re ready to start your journey into becoming an awesome EFT Practitioner, let us teach you…

  • The top tools and techniques you will use with clients for rapid, permanent transformation
  • The steps you need to take to grow into the person who will be the next awesome Practitioner for other people
  • The core business and marketing steps you need to take to have you “business ready” the day you graduate

I’ve included the tools, techniques and skills I know you need to make it in this industry.


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Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!  



Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!