What our Practitioner graduates are saying...

Laura Adams
Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Founder of Wish Tree Counselling, Queensland, Australia

"I am forever surprised by the magic of EFT, This course was so empowering and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to develop their personal growth and or work with others in a healing capacity."

Elaine Connolly
EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Founer of Tapping Happy, Western Australia

"No matter where I looked I couldn't find the right EFT training for me I had been looking for EFT training since 2016 but it always meant I had to travel a long distance to training. When I found this course was 100% online I signed up within 24 hours."

Lea Rutter
Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Australia

"I had no idea that the person I would become, would be so different. There is this beautiful community that you become part of, there is constant support. I have met people through the course that will be friends for life."

Sue Weeks
EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, South Australia

"Most excitingly for me, is that my husband and I, who were ‘on very shaky ground’, are now happier together than we have ever been"

Irene Hickman
EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Queensland, Australia

"I have been going through my notes to get a sense of how far I’ve come since I’ve started with ATI. Turns out it was a great idea, as I am amazed at the things I thought were big issues only 7 months ago and they don’t even rate any more!"

Sonya Fahie
Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Perth, Australia

"I have just completed a 12 month online course with The Australian Tapping Institute in EFT and Life Coaching. I am very appreciative of the support and guidance along the way and the amazing people I came to know over that time. One of the most important things for a healer is to deal with your own demons and the course certainly helps with that. For anyone looking at studying this kind of thing online, I can recommend Lorna and her team"

Jess Munks
Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Founder of The Tapping Space, Gold Coast, Australia

"Not just a school, a community. Thank you for the skill set you offer."

Alesia De Luca
Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Pharmacist, Founder of Mind Body Logic, Brisbane, Australia

"After researching several courses offering EFT and Life Coaching certification, I decided to enrol with Lorna Hollinger and the Australian Tapping Institute. The course content is second to none and the ongoing support offered is incredibly valuable both during and after the course completion. ATI is not only and excellent platform of education but it is also a wonderful community to be part of. Lorna is incredibly knowledgable and encouraging and I have grown both personally and professionally through the foundational skill set I have gained, learning and applying this healing modality. My ATI journey has been an incredibly life changing and rewarding journey for me! One that has allowed me to follow my passion with confidence, to help serve others in their desire to live their most fulfilling and joyous life. I am truly grateful for the experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lorna and the ATI team."

Kerri Greig
EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Founder of Moonrei Modalities, Australia

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying with ATI and would definitely recommend this training to anyone."

Tina Meyer
ATI Mentor and Executive Committee member, Practitioner of EFT & Life Coaching, Founder of Akashic Healing

"Lorna is exceptionally knowledgeable and professional, and adept at training others to be knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend the ATI for all of its programs. They are committed to ongoing learning, professional practice and empowering others."

Zyra Greenleaf
EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Tasmania, Australia

"Studying through ATI was a life-changing experience. Not only did I gain skills for tapping and helping others, I learned so much about myself. The course was thorough and challenging, but the support and guidance was first-rate. I also loved the community and the connection with the other students. Thanks Lorna and thanks ATI."

Sharon Hinschen
Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Reflexologist, Founder of Step Into Balance, Queensland, Australia

"Meeting Lorna, and studying with the Australian Tapping Institute, was positively life changing! Professional ... friendly ... highly supportive ... and life changing!! Did I mention that?! 😃 It was, and still is, an amazing experience to learn with Lorna & ATI, and I look forward to working with others, so they can experience the same."

Marie Copp
Practitioner of EFT & Life Coaching, Founder of Essential Health Harmony, Essential oils advocate

"I completed my EFT Practitioner and Life Coaching Certification late last year through ATI. It was such a valuable learning experience for me which I've been able to incorporate into my wellness business as a powerful tool to help others. Empowering others to live their best lives is what Lorna and ATI are all about! Very grateful indeed!"

Rosemary Salway
ATI Mentor and Executive Committee member, Practitioner of EFT & Life Coaching, Founder of Tapping Into Life.

"The online programmes offered by ATI are incredibly thorough and great quality. Lorna is a very knowledgeable and has a real knack for teaching. The online meetings, run by Lorna and held twice a month, bring the students together to engage and learn in a group environment. The triads provide a really valuable opportunity for students to practice and learn from each other. There is such a wealth of information provided in the school and with the ongoing support offered by Lorna and the mentors it is a fabulous way to learn the EFT process. Highly recommended."

Lisa Walton
Advanced Practitioner of EFT & Life Coaching student.

"EFT Tapping training with the Australian Tapping Institute is a journey into the depth and efficacy of this healing technique. It not only provides a practical grounding in the tools of Tapping, but also offers an empowering opportunity for personal growth, equipping anyone committed to living a heart-led life, with the tools, knowledge and self-worth to embrace their authentic self."

Ritika Kapoor
Advanced Practitioner of EFT & Life Coaching, Founder of Health & Beyond Kinesiology, Melbourne Australia

"I love each and every part of my learning in this Academy. All the teachers, information, content and the way this whole program is designed is incredible. Highly recommend, ATI is definitely one of its own kind, thank you Lorna for creating this beautiful platform and community from where I have learnt so much and made such good friends for life. Cheers to all of us 🇺🇸 🙌"

Dee Phoenix
Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, NSW, Australia

"I feel beyond words for my gratitude and recommendation of the Australian Tapping Institute, Lorna Hollinger and the Advanced EFT Practitioner & Life Coaching Certifications. I have been in psychological therapies for many years. I have experienced many serious traumas throughout my life and several breakdowns and mental health issues. When I reflect on this time last year I was broken and could not even get out my front door. I could not even read a page of a book. I was recovering from injuries and in bandages. I was withdrawn and shutdown. And then I signed up with ATI for the Practitioner Training. This course, content, delivery, community has not only changed my life but I can say whole heartedly that it has literally saved my life!!! I am now filled with so much hope, purpose and excitement for my life and my future. Now that I have graduated, I am setting up my new business and engaging with others and with life and I have never felt more alive, enlightened, empowered and as free as I now do thanks to Lorna Hollinger and the Australian Tapping Institute. I thank you for bringing me back to life…for bringing me back to the light. Such a safe, supportive, encouraging community. You have created something very special here!"

Lily Pauline Soriano
Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Founder of Relaxation for Women, Sydney, Australia

"Right from the get-go it was positivity, support and encouragement all the way. Not only did I learn what tapping is but I also learned a whole heap about myself. The most enjoyable and knowledge-filled course I ever took in my life!"

Karola Hiscock
EFT Practitioner student

"I love this course, there's so much great content. The school is incredibly supportive and will go out of their way to help you if you're having issues. There's a private facebook group for students and it's the most wonderfully supportive and nurturing community. Working in the triads and working through the course content has really helped my personal development also. I know this will hlep me the best practitioner that I can possibly be. I can't recommend the course or Lorna Hollinger high enough. If you're thinking of doing the course, I say do it!"

Martina Lindsey
Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner, Melbourne, Australia

"ATI is wonderful learning space both professionally and personally. It is such a supportive and thought provoking environment and doing this course has been a really empowering experience, which has positively impacted how I see myself, and the world around me."

Mary Hart
Sydney, Australia, EFT Practitioner, Soulful Therapist, Workshop facilitator

“As a Soulful Therapist & Teacher who works with a range of modalities, the Australian Tapping Institute provided a flexible, professional & holistic learning platform for me to effectively incorporate EFT into my practice. Lorna, along with her team, provide quality training & ongoing support. This coupled with the inclusion of the Coaching Certification, which is a great program in itself, ensured that I walked away knowing how to get maximum results through EFT for my clients.”

Janelle Leggett
Sydney, Australia - EFT Practitioner, AromaTouch Practitioner

“The thought of asking myself what I really wanted to do never crossed my mind. I studied counselling but wasn't convinced it was for me. I was looking for something personally since I have had a long history of self doubt, depression and anxiety. I had heard about Tapping but wasn't really sure what it was. I met Lorna Hollinger from ATI at a networking event. I attended a few private sessions and was eager to enrol in the training. I was certified as a Practitioner earlier this year. When I am having a rough day I get out my essential oils and also take a few minutes to tap away any intrusive thoughts bothering me. I have found Tapping something I can do for myself and to help others.”

Hannah Inia
Sydney, Australia - EFT Practitioner, Medium, Workshop facilitator

“I first met Lorna from ATI a number of years ago when I wanted to learn EFT to help heal my grand daughters weeping ears. Little did I know that I would end up becoming an EFT Practitioner. Instead of just tapping on my issues in the private sessions, Lorna taught me how to successfully tap on others too. Over time I got to the root of my grand daughters real issues and her ears started to heal. Its then I knew I wanted to use Tapping to help other people so I enrolled in the Practitioner certification course and graduated in April 2016. I have recently completed my first international training workshop in my home town in New Zealand. I am so excited about where this EFT journey will take me next.”

Alix Greer
Shropshire, England, (

“I knew as soon as I saw ATI’s EFT training it was what I was meant to do and I was truly blown away what I came away learning and discovering. Doing my EFT training with ATI was out of this world. I learnt so much that I walked away feeling confident to use tapping for myself and clients. Lorna has an amazing way to bring the best out in you and makes you feel at ease to practice and develop your EFT tapping skills. They make it very practical, informative but most of all fun. I'm now back home in England I am known in my local area as “the tapping girl” and hold live workshops, events and now coach worldwide to women using EFT to create shifts in their lives. I am truly grateful for your support and training Lorna. I highly recommend you train with ATI as you are truly looked after and supported throughout the training.”

What our one day workshop graduates are saying...

48, Accountant, EFT advocate

“I have taken away a really great tool that I can use on myself. Its always been easy for me to think things are easy for me, and I don’t acknowledge it. This course is great for anyone who is suffering from addictions, depression or other mental health issues. I will be tapping every day.”

22, business owner, wellness advocate

“I want to help others. I want to be a Practitioner of EFT and I have learned how I need to overcome my own struggles so I can help others. Lorna has helped me overcome my own struggles and emotions first. With EFT I have been able to let go of the burdens off my back.”

social worker, mum of 2, awesome wife

“I got some great techniques today that I can take home for when I am anxious or need to destress.”

What the Experts say about EFT...

Deborah Lindsey
International Metaphysical University

“In a world ruled by fear, where everyone harbors hurts, it’s wonderful to know that EFT exists. I can no longer imagine my life without this amazing tool.”

Norm Shealy, MD
Author of Soul Medicine

“By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too.”

Deborah Miller
Author of Dragons with Flames of Love

“When the parent takes care of themselves, it always reflects back to the child. Of course then if you’re tapping with the child and the child is relaxed then it relaxes the parent. It is a very positive circular event that occurs in that way.”

Deepak Chopra, MD
Author of What Are You Hungry For

“EFT offers great healing benefits.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Author of Ultimate Wellness

“It’s profoundly powerful. It has literally manifested miracles in my own life.”

Wayne Dyer
Author of The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way

“This really works. I’ve had great results with tapping in own my life.”

What our clients are saying...

37, busy mum, successful business woman

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to find Lorna & have benefited immeasurably from her coaching. The most beneficial was learning about my personality type. I have always had a strong interest in self-development and leadership. With Lorna's focus on my causes of procrastination & methods for action I was able to put my past learnings (and some new ones) into action to get some REAL results.”

business owner, mum of 2, beauty industry

“ATI has changed my life! I now know I was suffering from a bit of depression and was stuck in a massive rut. I was replaying all the negativity of my childhood in my current life and this was affecting my relationships with my family, my work and my business. My relationships with my family have now blossomed and I am attracting a better quality of customer and team member to my business. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me.”

40, business woman, wife, mum

“I wanted my business to change as my business wasn't growing and sometimes for things to change, first you must look within. I learned that my language is my thoughts and my world and I needed to change this in my everyday life. Lorna has a great, natural flair with helping others (particularly with unblocking those inner demons) and this shines through in her warm and genuine nature.”

35, mum of 2

“The benefits [of EFT] are like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. I can be more positive and be able to leave the past in the past and move forward and I also use techniques that were taught to me to keep me on the right track.“


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If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!  


Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!  



Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!