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I was going to leave b4 lockdown happened

Divorce and Separation happens however we are in a time now where there is even more stress around relationships. Being stuck in a relationship because of the current impacts around the world, make this an even more difficult topic to talk about. There have been spikes in reported domestic violence cases already. My girlfriends sister was about to leave her marriage, when all of this covid restrictions came tumbling down around her. And now she feels she cannot leave. I know that she cannot possibly be the only person on the planet who is in this situation where they were planning to leave, and was waiting for the right time. Now they feel trapped (or choosing to stay with a person depending on your point of view), with...

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How lockdown helped me to finally get my cravings under control!

I had been a Keto diet advocate for many years.  I have friends who had lost extraordinary amounts of weight from sticking to a keto lifestyle, i.e. high fat, low carb and I wanted to do the same. It was pretty easy to stick to, most of the time. I liked the idea that my body would consume its own body fat for fuel and I would drop weight from my body. But I kept getting tripped up and failing.  Regularly. The thing that kept tripping me up was the cravings. O..M..G..  when those cravings hit – get out of the way anything that resembled a carbohydrate!  The sugarier and sweeter the better!  When those cravings hit absolutely nothing was stopping me from eating my way...

Watched Questioned Scrutinised Stuck with my family during lockdown – Tap along video

One of the main things that people are feeling particularly at this time in world history, whilst we are  in the midst of the COVID 19 virus, one of the things people are finding is that huge change in normal routine. So many people spent lots and lots of time on their own, by choice. Whether they travel to work, went to work, did stuff with work, they spent a lot of time on their own, and what was able to happen them was the freedom that they chose. So whatever it was, whether they got to eat what they wanted, they got to partake of their particular favourite indulgence, whether that's smoking or drinking or food treats, or maybe it was illicit drugs for...

My fear of breaking the rules during isolation

While the novelty of been in isolation has well and truly worn off for everybody, or maybe you didn't even find it a novelty. For me, it was great to be able to cancel things out of my diary, great to be able to stay home and not have to be anywhere and be anyone. I was just home, I live alone anyway, hanging out doing my own thing, very little changed for me when it came to locked in anyway. Now we're a few weeks in, the novelty as I'm going to call it has well and truly gone. A lot of the real stresses and the real anxiety and the real things that are worrying people are going to start to raise their heads. The...

When marketing stress you out – Tapping sequence

When I first started this business I would find myself so stressed out with marketing because I came into this business to help people, to do Tapping with people, not to get great at marketing. But after bashing my head against a wall for long enough I realised unless I embraced marketing  my business was going to fail. I realised that marketing was simply about attracting people who wanted what I offered. It didnt have to be yucky. It didnt need to be sleazy either. Come tap with me as we walk past the overwhelm that you're feeling and step into a calmer place, with a much clearer head....


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Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!