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I was going to leave b4 lockdown happened

Divorce and Separation happens however we are in a time now where there is even more stress around relationships. Being stuck in a relationship because of the current impacts around the world, make this an even more difficult topic to talk about. There have been spikes in reported domestic violence cases already. My girlfriends sister was about to leave her marriage, when all of this covid restrictions came tumbling down around her. And now she feels she cannot leave. I know that she cannot possibly be the only person on the planet who is in this situation where they were planning to leave, and was waiting for the right time. Now they feel trapped (or choosing to stay with a person depending on your point of view), with...

Dear Lover, I’m missing you

I have a very, very dear friend of mine who is choosing to be in a relationship with a man that he works with, while he's actually married to somebody else and has a family. While many people will feel quite strongly about this topic, I'm not here to judge or advocate for anyone else's choices in life, I am here to provide some level of support and relief where it's needed. She was talking to me the other day about the anxiety and the stress she's feeling and what's going on for her. And I bet she's not the only one. While this whole isolation lockdown is going on, there are a lot of people having a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress for some...