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Community is my favourite part of the school and here’s why!

Our CEO was recently included in an interview series of the benefits of online schools and what to expect when you enrol in one.  OUr CEO, Lorna just loves the online community that has been fostered, and is developed with every student who joins us. Transcript: Great question, what is one of the favourite things about the school? My favourite thing about my school. I think for me the favourite part about the school is it's got to be the community that we've created when I move from offline training. Like, when I used to be, I have a training room of my home so I used to bring people together for EFT training and the life  coach and stuff are all in together. And it was in my...

When marketing stress you out – Tapping sequence

When I first started this business I would find myself so stressed out with marketing because I came into this business to help people, to do Tapping with people, not to get great at marketing. But after bashing my head against a wall for long enough I realised unless I embraced marketing  my business was going to fail. I realised that marketing was simply about attracting people who wanted what I offered. It didnt have to be yucky. It didnt need to be sleazy either. Come tap with me as we walk past the overwhelm that you're feeling and step into a calmer place, with a much clearer head....

When is the right time to leave your day job?

This is a question everyone new business owner gets to hear - all too often at times. "If you dont work your business full time. you're not serious" "You spent all this money on training, so what are you going to do with it" Blah Blah Blah So many opinions from people who arent in your shoes, dont live your circumstances therefore haven't earned an opinion on your life.  I believe that unless you are on the playing field, scuffing your knees and getting knocked around a bit - all while chasing down my dreams Then you dont get a say in my life. I've been where you are. I remember the endless conversation from the person on the sofa who wasnt chasing their dreams, who wasnt doing the study and who...

Success Leaves clues!!

There is no doubt that Success leaves clues! You pay close attention to anyone who is getting results and they are ALL have rituals, routines and a list of "not negotiables" that they make sure happen - each and every day.  I've spent time without routines, no rituals in place and I have also felt the power of having these rituals.  Daily steps towards my goals that are "not negotable". Through carefully studying the people getting the results that I wanted - I quickly noticed a pattern.  They things they did consistently.  Every one of them. I know these have been the keys to my Success - in all areas. From creating the lifestyle that I totally love, to having the steps inplace to improve my health. If...

Can I be an EFT Practitioner if I dont have my own life sorted out?

If you haven't watch the Tapping World Summit you'll have to wait until next year now - because its gone! But if you are one of the MANY people considering a career as an EFT practitioner BUT that voice of doubt in your head is saying "oh come on, you couldn’t help others when your own life is such a mess!, then listen on to know you CAN do it - and very sucessfully too!...


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Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!