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Goals vs Outcomes – whats the difference?

Today I want to talk to you about goals versus outcomes. I know that when we have conversations in our school with the students and we're on live calls and we have questions, when we have them  from quite a few students  I know that that's a topic of conversation that other people having. That other places are having and that other people are thinking because if there's people in a  school thinking that, they can't be the only  ones. And this week in the school, we actually looked at goals for the year. And we talked about what the difference between goals are or how important it is to actually look at the outcomes that you  want and I got to apologise. This is on holidays up the north coast of New South Wales. And for...

What exactly is Tapping?

What Exactly is Tapping Whenever I'm interviewed about EFT tapping, there's always pretty much the same question that people ask. What exactly is tapping? What does it do to the body? How do I do it? How can it help me? So let me give you a really, really quick, quick and brief rundown on that. What do you do the minute  you pick a baby up, particularly as women? What do we do when we pick a baby up? over the  shoulder and we pat it? Or do we tap it? We do this whole rhythmic thing on the body, where we do this kind of tapping patting thing. We pat them underneath the bottom as well. Now our bodies, our energy circuitry, we're a big bag of energy.  You are.  I...

Why do our Triads work so well for our students?

Recently our CEO, Lorna Hollinger was interviewed by a USA based training outift. While we can't reveal who the interview was for until they make it public, we can share the footage.  They interview series focusseed on the success of online training  academy's.  The entire series covered why they work and what is needed to ensure they work well.  This segment was on our signature training model that we call Triads. They give all students a safe place to practice, to be coached and to provide valuable peer feedback. Transcript Thanks for having me. It's really, really great to be here.  Now, why do our triads work? And I think you're right. I'm pretty sure we are the only school, particularly EFT school, if not the only sort of...

Community is my favourite part of the school and here’s why!

Our CEO was recently included in an interview series of the benefits of online schools and what to expect when you enrol in one.  OUr CEO, Lorna just loves the online community that has been fostered, and is developed with every student who joins us. Transcript: Great question, what is one of the favourite things about the school? My favourite thing about my school. I think for me the favourite part about the school is it's got to be the community that we've created when I move from offline training. Like, when I used to be, I have a training room of my home so I used to bring people together for EFT training and the life  coach and stuff are all in together. And it was in my...

What software do I use to run and scale ATI so quickly

Hi, I get asked all the time by students what software do you use? How do you get Australian Tapping Institute to run and what do I actually use to do that. So I thought I would share with you also exactly all the software that I use to run my business. So one of the main actually the main software that I use is called Kajabi.   It is a complete integrated software platform that runs pretty much all of the whole school. So all of our content files live on there and that's our videos, our Audios,  check sheets training manuals.  All of that lives in Kajabi it's also where I send all my emails out from.  I can schedule things in there, I can...


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Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!