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What’s it like to train with ATI?

Recently we asked one of our newest students to chat to one of our recently graduated students to find out her experience with the training , and any support or advice she would give to anyone thinking of joining. Lara (our hard-hitting reporter) asked Tina all the tough questions regarding starting out as an EFT Practitioner, what she wished she had known and where she will be taking EFT in the future.  I think Tina mentioned world domination, but I could be wrong!...

5 Steps to get out of marketing overwhelm with your new Practice

My sister is stepping into a new business venture. She is a busy mum and very excited. She called me the other day and I could tell by the conversation that she was really stuck in a state of overwhelm. She didn’t know exactly where to start with her new business – she is just super excited and very passionate about her business idea. Its great to see, but her overwhelm is stifling her creative side, and really bogging her down. She’s not moving forward and this frustrates her. Sound familiar? So before you throw in the towel and think its all too hard - let me share with you what I shared with her.  When it comes to marketing your new business it...


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