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What software do I use to run and scale ATI so quickly

Hi, I get asked all the time by students what software do you use? How do you get Australian Tapping Institute to run and what do I actually use to do that. So I thought I would share with you also exactly all the software that I use to run my business. So one of the main actually the main software that I use is called Kajabi.   It is a complete integrated software platform that runs pretty much all of the whole school. So all of our content files live on there and that's our videos, our Audios,  check sheets training manuals.  All of that lives in Kajabi it's also where I send all my emails out from.  I can schedule things in there, I can...

Can I make money as a Practitioner

When the Tapping World Summit happens each year we get an influx of people asking whether EFT is something they could do as a career. Is this you? Perhaps it is - perhaps it isnt. People are looking for ways to help themselves. As more people are taking more responsibility for their own wellness and their life in general there will be a growing need for people like you and I, who use our skills and knowledge to help others. This is where you, as a Practitioner will do your best work. Helping people with the deeper issues they are dealing with, and the past traumas, upsets and events.    ...