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Trish Rock TV show interview

Our Founder, Lorna was recently featured on the fabulous Trish Rock TV show. Trish talks with Lorna about business and spirituality and how you can successfully have them both, they even make time for a quick "productivity" Tapping sequence. Enjoy!  and ofcourse feel free to share!  The freebies that Trish and Lorna talk about can be found here  ( and you are welcome to collect it too!...

Practitioner Intake Training Day – Brisbane

ENROLMENT OPEN SOON   Do you ever feel like you want to make a difference but not know where to start? Do you really enjoy INSPIRING other people to reach their goals and dreams? Do you long to create a business and a life you LOVE, setting your OWN HOURS? I know you've looked at other EFT training schools and you know something is missing, right. I did too! How DO you expand your client based business to create more income, or get even deeper transformation for YOUR clients, or perhaps you're ready to change career direction all together? And what about that incredible tribe of inspirational people to form amazing connections and partnerships with? YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT BECOMING AN EFT PRACTITIONER BUT HAVEN’T FOUND THE COURSE THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU WE SEE YOU!! In this course you...

What’s it like to train with ATI?

Recently we asked one of our newest students to chat to one of our recently graduated students to find out her experience with the training , and any support or advice she would give to anyone thinking of joining. Lara (our hard-hitting reporter) asked Tina all the tough questions regarding starting out as an EFT Practitioner, what she wished she had known and where she will be taking EFT in the future.  I think Tina mentioned world domination, but I could be wrong!...

Group Tapping – Helping your clients to boost Law of Attraction with EFT

As an EFT Practitioner the power of group Tapping can never ignored. The Tapping Circle was a weekly class delivered Live online to an audience of more than 80,000 people, worldwide with a different weekly topic. Watch our Live demonstration to help you develop your own group Tapping sessions, whether online or in person. Each week we used EFT to help people manage stress and anxiety in their lives, find ways to reduce physical pain and ailments, as well as demonstrating how we use Tapping to uplift and empower. This recording we worked on using EFT to boost the power of Law of Attraction by clearing our blocks...


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