EFT Success Stories

Amy’s Transformation from Brokenness to Wholeness

When Amy came to me, she was trapped in different patterns in life, feeling anxious and triggered by her family members always. It went to the degree that she couldn't take it anymore.

Amy had tried everything (according to her words), but nothing helped to remove her deeply rooted old stuff that held her back in life.  Because of her fear and resistance to confront her feelings, she was hesitated and almost quit before her first EFT session.

Our first step was to guide her to tap and stop her self-judging, so she felt OK to embrace her fear and life issues. She kept telling me that her problems were too deep and broad to touch.  We followed her energy (her self-talk) and tapped for only 15 minutes; her buried emotions from her childhood revealed.  We tapped on the deadly incident, she forgot the fear and naturally allowed her feelings to come up. The session was a massive release and shift.  She told me this one EFT session did what 10-years of traditional therapy couldn't do to help her.

Amy started doing regular work with me on her deeply rooted relationship and self-worth issues. She had so much fear and anger buried inside and felt that there was a volcano grew in her stomach area and a hard square block stuck in her heart.  We tapped on her rage and other hurtful feelings; she learned how to permit herself to speak her truth and release
her buried feelings.

During the process, Amy also shifted her perspective and viewed the triggers and her pains in life as the Divine messages to her to realize her soul purpose.

Amy got the clarity that she was meant to experience all in her life to learn the lessons and transform from brokenness to wholeness.

With this awareness, she became more motived to keep tapping, releasing and shifting.

A couple of months later, she started to feel a profound improvement in her relationships with her family members and others in her workplace.

She was amazed to notice that the way her family treated her changed obviously, without her trying to control or change anybody.

We also did a lot of positive rounds of tapping, with visualizing exercise, to help her set her intention and shift her vibrations to manifest the ideal future life she was meant to live.

While she was excited about her positive changes, she also noticed that she developed the new fear.  She gradually found her true-self and wanted to live her life on her term as who she was, but she was scared that her identity would be changed and she would be judged and unaccepted.

We then tapped on her fear and resistance to change; the procedure helped her to feel more comfortable to be herself.

During my latest session with her, she saw an image of a big red heart showing up in her heart.  I witnessed a beam of pink light showering down on her. She shared with me that it was the first time in her life that she had the sensation of deep connection and felt loved.

At that moment, she knew she was whole!

Amy appreciated about how EFT had transformed her life.  She felt her fear was diminished, her chest pains and stomach heaviness were gone, and her digestion was improved. She didn't crave foods anymore and even lost weights a little bit; actually, we never tapped on her food craving. Her internal critic voices started to fade away, and she felt closer to her
siblings and her parents, with boundaries.  The most significant, she felt light and free, with joy, finally. She loved this feeling.

During our journey together, I also taught her to do self-tapping; she takes it as her lifetime self-support tool.  Now she only needs to come to me once a while when she randomly needs support.

EFT never fails anyone!

Jenny Li Ciccone
Author of Decoding the Secrets of Joyful Living
Joyful Living/Soul Purpose Coach/EFT Practitioner

Tapping through my trauma from abuse and domestic violence

When I first thought about sharing my journey with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) the first thought that came into my head was – “Hi my name is Denise and I am an EFT addict” and I guess on some level that is true. EFT has changed my life so powerfully for the positive in the last six months that it’s power to heal cannot be denied.

I have worked in the field of energy healing for 20 years as a Reiki healer /teacher and over 15 years in the personal development field. I am a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, massage therapist, natural born Intuitive and most recently a Certified EFT Practitioner and over that time I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of clients,  and while all of these tools have helped my family, friends and clients in different ways for me there was still something missing.

That missing link was EFT.  Now I had a tool that combines the Eastern traditions of energy healing and the Western tradition of psychology. What a powerful combination...East meets west and I love it.

While my journey into EFT is still relatively new let me share with you my story... I am a domestic violence survivor enduring that life of violence for seven years by the man I once loved. I successfully escaped in 2014 on my fifth attempt and the only thing that kept me going through those years of mental, verbal, emotional and physical violence was the love for my children and my personal development skills... let’s just say they were some of the darkest days of my life. I didn’t leave un-scarred however. I was diagnosed with anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I lost my family, my home, my job, my social network, my sanity and my little dog was killed shortly after. Then less than 12 months later I lost everything else I owned in the devastating flood in Dungog NSW in April 2015. I thought I was going to die that day and the trauma I was left with from that event was huge...this is where I had my first experience with EFT. I left that first EFT experience thinking “Well that was weird, how is that going to help me” and I just thought no more about it.

Fast forward to August 2017 and a conversation I had with a lady who works with women survivors of domestic violence. Her tool of helping and healing - EFT... after this conversation I was hooked.  That night I Googled all I could find and came across a You Tube video by Gary Craig the founder of EFT... I decided to try it and tapped along. My issue ANGER.-  The anger that I had been working with for over 2 years with a traditional psychologist. The anger was with myself at not being able to protect my girls better or handle things better through all of the years of violence. Now don’t get me wrong my psychologist was great and I always left feeling better but I knew inside of me that the anger was still there...what happened next was a miracle after tapping along with Gary on the video for 10 minutes the anger was gone...OMG was this real I thought. I felt it the anger finally release out of my body, I felt it shift, I felt my body shake and I did a lot of releasing through my breathing... the next day I slept for 14 hours it was like my body said “finally now I can rest and heal”. Three days later I had an EFT session and another level was shifted to the point that some distant healing was also taking place in my younger daughter as well. Since then I have become a certified EFT therapist... and I have shifted my anxiety and PTSD.

I also write for an online spiritual magazine and this day I had writers block so I tapped on it and within an hour I had an article written and submitted, something that would normally take me three to four hours, plus I got feedback from the editor saying that it was my best article yet. Another tapping session on myself was with an episode of IBS( irritable Bowel Syndrome) that I had been suffering from...I tapped and tapped but wasn’t seeing the results until one day I was just tapping on the pain and a thought came into my head about something that I had been worrying I tapped on that and another OMG moment happened... my stomach physically started contracting and felt like it was going into knots. It felt like minutes because it was unlike any sensation I had ever felt before...then it just stopped and the constant pain that I had been experiencing was gone and I haven’t felt it since.

So am I hooked? You bet I am! Plus I have seen some amazing results with friends and clients as well and I tell anyone who is interested. Why? Because tapping usually works when nothing else does!

Denise Hawkins


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Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!  



Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!