Private EFT Session with ATI

While EFT is a great self-help technique the human brain is extremely clever at keeping you safe, and this includes keeping painful, hurtful or traumatic memories well and truly buried. I like to think of our brain as boxes full of recipe cards. Each time we experience a traumatic or bothersome event the brain tags that memory as scary or threatening, and pops it into a recipe box, along with all the other related memories. When an event or memory happens to you today your brain instantly accesses that recipe box and finds the other times when you were threatened or scared by something similar and that’s when you get the stress response in your brain known as fight or flight triggering. You will often feel a physical reaction to your fight or flight triggering too. EFT-Tapping works on rewiring that memory stored in your recipe boxes so that when a similar event happens to you in the now, the brain wont have that old stored threatening memory to access and trigger you today.

Spending time with an experienced and certified Practitioner can help you to unlock those memories and deal with them once and for all.

Once they are resolved, they don’t resurface. You can be rid of them forever. No matter whether you want to quit smoking, or deal with an event from your past or even overcome a phobia you have had for years, EFT can clear these away and they never surface again.

How does it work?

Unlike working on yourself your certified Practitioner is trained to take you deep into your unconscious to resolve those buried events and traumas, with safety. EFT has many techniques for clearing unspoken emotional issues without you disclosing the event, or having to relive any of the past upset, hurt or trauma. It works on rewiring the memories and thoughts in your own brain and to change the meaning you gave them.

Your Practitioner will show you how to Tap if you are new to Tapping. The session will commence with you describing the issues you wish to resolve in whatever level of detail you are comfortable with. Your Practitioner will guide you through the Tapping allowing you to relax and be in the moment. We are trained at clearing blocks, limits, issues and unresolved emotional hurts.

Reminder: While tapping – you will tap on your own body. Your Practitioner won’t tap ON you.

How long is a private session?

You should allow atleast 1hour per session. This provides enough time to really delve into the hidden blocks to get you the deepest healing in the shortest time. EFT is an energy therapy and can leave you feeling unsettled, tired and fidgety therefore we aim to keep sessions to around the hour mark.

What can we help you with?

EFT-Tapping has been clinically proven to help with a range of issues. These include overcoming any addiction (smoking, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, sugar, gaming, gambling, sex, chocolate etc). Help you with weight reduction or overcome shame, embarrassment or guilt. Improve your sporting performance (golf handicap, etc) or get you back to peak performance faster after an injury. Improve the bottom line of your business by removing your unknown blocks. Reduce physical aches and pains in the body. And even help you to get beyond trauma or abuse and neglect from your childhood.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on how many issues you wish to work on. We recommend you commit to 4 sessions with a Practitioner at first.

Through the many clients we have worked with we know that often this is all that is required to shift your stubborn hidden unresolved issues allowing you to continue with your own EFT Tapping work.

What if I don't know how to Tap?

We’ll teach you! Your Practitioner will be leading you in the session. They will be tapping with you so you will follow them. Here are the tapping points above so you get an idea of where they are. We only use the upper torso so they are easy to reach for everyone.