100% online training

Fast track YOUR SUCCESS as an EFT and Life Coach Practitioner.

You’re invited to join this comprehensive training program and our wonderful community that gives you:

Instant Access: Start your training the day you enrol!

24 / 7 Online Access: Access your training anytime through most devices. At a time that suits you and at your own pace.

No Hidden costs, fees or renewal charges: Our course has no hidden mentoring fees, no additional exam fees, no assessment fees and no annual fee to maintain certification.

Everything is included in the cost - from Enrolment to Graduation and beyond!


VIP Membership: Full VIP access to our private Facebook group to ask questions, share your wins, collaborate on projects and connect with other students.

FAST TRACKING your success: This Program is condensed into a fun, action packed experience giving you the fastest tools, latest concepts and most effective techniques to graduate as a highly sought after, and well paid Coach/ Practitioner.

International externally accredited program: Endorsed by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Access to quality affordable insurance: Through Membership with IICT - both student and qualified Practitioner.

Can anyone enrol?

Yes! There is no pre-learning requisite. Everything you need is included in the course. You just need to bring your passion and enthusiasm!

How long is the training?

You will have 12 months to complete your course, but can graduate in as little as 6!

What will the course cover?

This DUAL Certification training includes ALL the topics from the traditional Level 1 and 2 combined with advanced coaching skills, tools and techniques. It steps you from novice today to graduating as a Practitioner/Life Coach.

We want you to graduate confidently and competently with all the skills and tools you need ready to build your own Practice, or add EFT to an existing business.

Upon graduation you will be awarded Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques AND Practitioner of Life Coaching - DUAL certification.

For more information, please download the course curriculum here.

What is the cost?

Our latest curriculum brochure includes tuition fees and course outline.   download the course curriculum here.

Is everything really included in the price?

YES!  Your tuition fees take you from enrolment to graduation.  You have access to all online training modules, printable manuals and live calls. Plus you’ll get access to the private Facebook group as well as the bonus new content we are always adding.

BUT without the hidden assessment and mentoring fees. No fees to maintain accreditation either.



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