Personal Peace Procedure – The perfect tool for self-Tapping

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Personal Peace Procedure – The perfect tool for self-Tapping

One of the best things about Emotional Freedom Techniques, is its wonderful ability to be used as a self-help tool. So many other alternate therapies require another person to deliver them to you. But as we know EFT or Tapping is different in so many ways.

It can be used to enhance other therapies such as meditation or the variety of breathing techniques. Or it can successfully be used on its own. The Personal Peace Procedure is a methodology that starts by compiling a list of all your specific bothersome thoughts and memories and systematically use EFT to tap away the emotional impacts of those events. In the coaching space, this is process is referred to as Your Defining Moments.

I was recently invited to run a suite of EFT-Tapping masterclasses for another school and I wanted to share these class with you in coming weeks! The Personal Peace Procedure is the perfect tool for the at-home Tapper. Its gives you a great starting point to work on your own issues, by yourself. The playbook mentioned in the video can be accessed for free here – no sign up required – simply download. Download here
The masterclass runs for about 30 mins, plus some offline time. Grab your journal and start getting those bothersome memories and yucky thoughts out of your head!
Feel free to share this class with anyone who you know will benefit from working on their own negative self-talk
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