Our Foundation

The Marion Project is dedicated to Lorna’s mum, Marion who was taken many years too soon.

When Lorna started her life coaching practice back in 2009 an endless stream of men and women appeared for coaching that has been abused or molested as young children. No sooner did she graduate one person from the program another appeared.

This touched Lorna quite dramatically and at this point she decided that as her legacy a centre will be built, honouring her mum, that will provide coaching, healing and support for people ready to get beyond the scars of their past and to live life on purpose today, despite what happened to them.

The charity will be funded to the extent that financial circumstances will not be a barrier. Those that can pay, will pay. Those that cannot pay, will not be asked to. The aim is to provide the support required.

to the amazing people who have allowed us to share their journey, we thank you.
to the courageous people who have faced their fears to create life on their terms, we honour you.
to the inspiring people who make a difference in this world, we admire you.
to all the people waiting in the wings for the time to be right, now is your time and we welcome you.