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Why I did a naked photo shoot

I am a short middle-aged woman who birthed her sons through abdominal c-sections (which does nothing positive for your stomach muscles, especially if you don’t exercise them for 18 years!), with sagging breasts and a life well lived amount of wrinkles on my face.

In January dear friend, fabulous visionary photographer and owner of  Truthfully, Sarah Keen floated this mad idea of helping her build her portfolio by agreeing to a nude photoshoot. So, I’m like, “sure, why not!”

It seemed like such an amazing experience and it sounded fun.

As I mentioned, I’m not an Instagram glamour, skinny, pouty, perky breasted woman – not even close but the idea of experiencing something so amazing and freeing just felt right. Ofcourse it ticked my box of “if it’s naughty, I’m probably going to consider it” too. Sarah was searching locations for the shoot and they all sounded safely .i.n.d.o.o.r.s.

The only outdoor she mentioned was on a friends acreage property with no one else around. Risky yet still safe.

Sarah and I would text late at night, Sarah hatching more plans and ideas. Lorna foolishly agreeing without too much thought, afterall it was waayyyyyy past my bed time most nights. One night she floats the idea of the shoot taking place in the Blue Mountains. Like OUTdoors, in nature, in a public place.   

Massive trigger…

Part of me wanted to run, to bail from the whole adventure. But instead I took a breath. I thought about why I was important in the first place.  I leaned in a little more to my fears and thought about it all a little deeper.

I still could have said no, but I didn’t.

I was still doing work on my own self image because while I had come a long way I wasn’t 100% in love with where I lived (this body) and this whole plan was triggering me on many levels. I had fears around what would my family say (needless to say these fears became reality). I thought what would my students think?  There has been a long standing joke with my closest girlie-friends that naked dancing was always optional at my dinner parties, so I knew my closest girlfriends would all thumbs-up!  

That’s when I decided I needed to document this journey. It stopped being just my journey and became a journey with others too.

The first video shared the adventure that Sarah and I were hatching and how I was feeling and the outline of the plan, ie Sarah to provide the camera and to pick the location and I was to provide the err… ummm… naked body.

After I posted the first video I had an influx of messages from people. Some I knew and others I didn’t. I was baffled and intrigued. They were throwing words around like brave and inspirational. And while that was so lovely to hear it triggered a thought in me.

“Why is the idea of being naked so brave? What is it that has people using words such an inspirational when I’m only doing what we all do every day?” We’re all here in a human body and all choose to wear clothing, right?

The camera was only capturing the image we all see in the mirror daily anyway.

When I started to dig into the reasons why people had these thoughts it became clear.

People don’t like their own body!  And so many people actually loath their own body!!

And when I dug back into my thoughts, I remember having those thoughts and feelings too. I used to hate my own body. Body shame was a recurring thought – daily!

Every single day I would be judging the body I lived in. Not tall enough. Not thin enough. My hair was all wrong. I missed the dainty-hands gene. I had wrinkles under my eyes.  Dimples noticeable on my butt and spots starting to show on my hands.

Every single day I did this!

After the first video I put out other women and men, but mainly women were sharing with me that they don’t even let their partner see them without clothing. Some shared that they didn’t look at themselves naked at all.  So many other people were thinking the same thoughts as I once had.  Can you relate??

In my head I’m like, WTF?

How did we get here?

Was it print media with all that Photoshop? All those photos in magazines with endless pictures of perfection?

Is it Social media where people can judge each other from their own place of fear under the cover of anonymity? (A favourite amongst teens, I hear) AND make shitty comments when they choose!   Random strangers can make comments and judgements about each one of us.

Mainstream media all plays a part in this too. Constant endless visuals of what perfection is and reminding us how we just don’t measure up.

How did we allow this external dialogue to shape generations of people, mainly women, experiencing body shame and self loathing? I’m not suggesting everyone get naked and start walking around your local supermarket but it does open up a topic I’m most curious about.

Why do humans get all weird about nudity?

Despite every single one of us being born without a single piece of clothing on our body, the talk of nudity, naked, bare etc seems to send people off into some wild panic that somehow seeing bare skin is a sin, or a crime or even worse… something to be repulsed about.

My naked photo shoot was amazing. I felt free. I felt at one with Madame Universe. I felt raw, real, vulnerable. This is my truth.

Never again will I apologise for being who I am.

Never again shall I dull my shine to make someone else feel comfortable about themselves or their choices.

I hope you will join me in this journey.

I love reading your comments and feedback so hit reply. Join me in a commitment to never dulling your shine and never again apologising for who you are!

My video diary started a couple of weeks ago. The shoot was on 7th March 2021. You can watch any of the videos here. Click the link below to head over to my page

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Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!  



Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!