My fear of breaking the rules during isolation

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My fear of breaking the rules during isolation

While the novelty of been in isolation has well and truly worn off for everybody, or maybe you didn’t even find it a novelty. For me, it was great to be able to cancel things out of my diary, great to be able to stay home and not have to be anywhere and be anyone. I was just home, I live alone anyway, hanging out doing my own thing, very little changed for me when it came to locked in anyway.

Now we’re a few weeks in, the novelty as I’m going to call it has well and truly gone.

A lot of the real stresses and the real anxiety and the real things that are worrying people are going to start to raise their heads. The first couple of weeks. We were getting into the groove of it. We were sorting children, family, parents, whoever, we were doing a whole lot of rearranging. But now that it’s all kind of settled in, I’m finding with the people I talk to the clients, I work with people who are in my, in my proximity, that the things that are really shifting are things that are very, very real for many, many people.

And I want to spend a little bit of time with you working their way through all of these. I want to take you through some tapping sequences for dealing with this. Now this session is about the rules, the restrictions. People are very anxious about these rules and restrictions that they finding themselves in. So I want to do some tapping with you if you’re new to tap into. All you have to do is follow along with me. Tap on your body when I tap, say the words that I say. I will say a couple of words sentence, I will then be silent and you will repeat it, then we’ll go to the next point and the next point and the next point. Don’t think about it, just feel it. Just stick along with me too. Let’s talk about the rules.

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