How to Tap

As they say, you can’t get Tapping wrong. It is very straight forward and takes our clients only a few minutes to learn. Attending a monthly Tapping Circle or working with one of our Practitioners gives clients a slight advantage of being shown personally but you should be able to pick up these points relatively quickly from the diagram or the videos below. With a little practice you’ll be tapping like an expert!

Don’t get worried about tapping exactly on the right spot. Tapping the general area works just as well and the more you tap the more you will find your sweet spot! Tapping is with your finger tips. Tap firmly on each point but not so hard as to hurt or bruise yourself. We teach Tapping with the index and middle finger together, but you can use more. You can tap on either side of your body. You can tap with one hand or both.

What should I say?

One of the biggest blocks people say they have with Tapping is getting stuck with what to say. In the moment of being upset, stressed, and anxious people often forget what was said in their private session or in the Tapping Circle so we have a default statement we give to every client in such an event. While tapping on any point repeat “I am safe”. Tap while repeating this statement for as long as it takes for you to feel calmer. Use this as your go-to statement if you don’t know what to say.

Watch the video for a demonstration of Tapping

We have created a few sample tapping sequences for you to listen and tap along to.  The scripts are also available for you to download. Head to our Downloadables page.