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Dr Kumari Hallwirth Pillay PhD

Phone: +61 400 838 661 Skype: Kumari.Hallwirth
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Kumari is a medical scientist and former neurogenetics researcher who has worked in healthcare settings from research laboratories to international commercial companies. She has a wide breadth of experience from management to mentoring, to which she was drawn owing to her naturally empathic nature. Having worked in fulfilling, yet high-pressure environments for many years, Kumari received training in different meditation practices from mindfulness to transcendental meditation for stress reduction and relaxation. She discovered EFT whilst seeking evidence-based tools to enhance meditation and obtain clarity on the way forward, following a personal loss. The science of “tapping” was convincing and the results so reproducible that she became dual-certified in EFT and Life Coaching methods in order to effectively guide others on their personal journeys. Kumari now combines the EFT and Coaching methods with her facilitative leadership knowledge gained over many years, to empower and transform the lives of her clients.

Kumari has worked with individuals from different countries in the medical and life science fields, natural health environments, as well as the IT industry, where she coached clients and incorporated EFT into the sessions. She works with clients either online using video conferencing (including Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc.), or face-to-face at a natural health centre in Sydney, Australia. Her broad skill base allows her to work on areas including anxiety, overcoming blocks to financial abundance and success, and business performance, to name a few.

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