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Mrs Elaine Connolly

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Phone: 0427382229
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My background has been in the Beauty therapy and cosmetic industry from the age of 17. It has been a passion of mine for all of those years. I have worked with and listened to numerous clients over that time, and while I knew I was able to help them with their skin concerns, products or anything else skin and body related, it was listening to their stories – sometimes harrowing, that left the largest imprint on me. It made me feel I wanted to help them with what was on their minds and what was worrying them on the inside rather than only their outside skin.

It was when I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques in 2016 that I had realised my dream of finding the way to help so many more people with issues they found troubling than I was ever able to in my beauty therapy business.

I am a graduate of The Australian Tapping Institute. I am a qualified EFT Practitioner and a qualified Life Coach.

My sessions are conducted either face to face or via Messenger, zoom or even by phone.

I help clients to tap into their own abilities to heal and make transformational changes in their lives. EFT is such a powerful and natural way to see improvements in anything from stress and anxiety, to physical illness and pain, to fears and phobias.

I can teach you how to continue to work on yourself with easy tools and techniques. It really is all in our own power to restore balance and improve our way of living so you can create the life you want to live.

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