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How to provide the best experience for my clients

“Coming from a place of service” - what does this mean? For people who are new into the coaching space, or the “helping others” space, it can be a very new concept and one that can be difficult to grasp. Let me explain it to you. When we come from a place of service, we are focussed on serving the other person. That’s the Captain Obvious version. What it means on a deeper level is learning the ability to put aside your own thoughts, your own agenda during a session and whatever dialogue you have playing in your own head to be 100% focussed on the other person. We also call this holding space. In a world where most people don’t feel heard, holding space to allow that person...

The Crazy Weird Techniques Known as EFT or Tapping

How did I get into EFT - Tapping? If you’re like me when I was first introduced to Tapping, I was pretty skeptical that tapping on different parts of my own body was going to change my life somehow. I had a sensible science head and only believed in things I could explain. The energy medicine world was a mystery to me and the concept that the human body is full of electrical circuitry just didn’t seem plausible. I was a fan of acupuncture but had no idea how it actually worked or what it was actually doing for me. What I had learned from my Life Coaching Certification course was that to be the best Coach I could be for my clients, I needed to do...