Ultimate Guide to being an EFT Practitioner

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What is Tapping?

Did you know that we have been using tapping on our babies since, well, since we started having babies? Ever notice that when we pick up a baby and we instinctively tap on its body? Sometimes we call it patting, but it’s really tapping. The meridian system that the Chinese discovered centuries ago are still active in the human body today and it’s this system that we tap on. This video comes from our online training library and I want to share it with you.  Its one of the first lessons we teach anyone joining us.  It explains exactly what EFT Tapping is and how it works. I also explain how our brain tags memories from our past and uses them in current time to keep you safe!...


Why the key to the success of my business is looking after myself

Why do I need to look after myself? In the early days of your business, your EFT Practice - you are IT! You are your business.  No one else. Not only can this feel like a huge responsibility not to mention overwhelming it’s also imperative that you start off on the right foot. There is such a social trend these days to talk about self-care and while I have also bought into this movement to some extent I am not sure the majority of us even know what it really means. For me, particularly in this coaching/practitioner space is about recognising burn out long before it arrives. It is recognising when you are doing too much, and trying to fit too much in. This can be challenging when your...

How my mindset will impact the success of my business & what to do about it

Have I got what it takes? This chapter possibly should have been chapter one of this book. It’s possibly the most asked question that either I get from my students or it’s the most asked question in your head. Have I got what it takes? I don’t have my own life sorted, how can I help others? I don’t even know where to start…. Any of these sounding like the conversation replaying in your head? One of the myths of working with other people is the idea that you must have your own life completely sorted out before you can help other people. If we all adopted that belief none of us would be equipped to help other people. I’m going to burst that bubble for you - no one has their life...

Other essential tools to run a thriving EFT Practitioner business

Why do I need to have more than EFT in my tool kit? (core skills) I started my coaching/practitioner practice as a life coach and NLP Practitioner then added EFT later. When I wanted to do my EFT training, I wanted to get trained as fast as I could. Finding a course in my city, that was happening within the next 6 months was challenging and I live in one of the world’s largest cities too. So, I found an international online course and enrolled in it. This course taught me EFT and how to apply it with clients. Nothing else. I spent the whole time I was studying this course thinking that if I didn’t have life coaching skills, didn’t understand the power of great questions...

How to provide the best experience for my clients

“Coming from a place of service” - what does this mean? For people who are new into the coaching space, or the “helping others” space, it can be a very new concept and one that can be difficult to grasp. Let me explain it to you. When we come from a place of service, we are focussed on serving the other person. That’s the Captain Obvious version. What it means on a deeper level is learning the ability to put aside your own thoughts, your own agenda during a session and whatever dialogue you have playing in your own head to be 100% focussed on the other person. We also call this holding space. In a world where most people don’t feel heard, holding space to allow that person...


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Join other heart-centred humans around the globe get my much-loved weekly newsletter

If you love Tapping, marketing, biz talk & living a whole-hearted life, it's for you!