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Why I did a naked photo shoot

I am a short middle-aged woman who birthed her sons through abdominal c-sections (which does nothing positive for your stomach muscles, especially if you don’t exercise them for 18 years!), with sagging breasts and a life well lived amount of wrinkles on my face. In January dear friend, fabulous visionary photographer and owner of  Truthfully, Sarah Keen floated this mad idea of helping her build her portfolio by agreeing to a nude photoshoot. So, I’m like, “sure, why not!” It seemed like such an amazing experience and it sounded fun. As I mentioned, I’m not an Instagram glamour, skinny, pouty, perky breasted woman – not even close but the idea of experiencing something so amazing and freeing just felt right. Ofcourse it ticked my box of...


How lockdown helped me to finally get my cravings under control!

I had been a Keto diet advocate for many years.  I have friends who had lost extraordinary amounts of weight from sticking to a keto lifestyle, i.e. high fat, low carb and I wanted to do the same. It was pretty easy to stick to, most of the time. I liked the idea that my body would consume its own body fat for fuel and I would drop weight from my body. But I kept getting tripped up and failing.  Regularly. The thing that kept tripping me up was the cravings. O..M..G..  when those cravings hit – get out of the way anything that resembled a carbohydrate!  The sugarier and sweeter the better!  When those cravings hit absolutely nothing was stopping me from eating my way...

Group Tapping – Helping your clients to increase their confidence and love the body they are in

As an EFT Practitioner the power of group Tapping can never ignored. The Tapping Circle was a weekly class delivered Live online to an audience of more than 80,000 people, worldwide with a different weekly topic. Watch our Live demonstration to help you develop your own group Tapping sessions, whether online or in person. Each week we used EFT Tapping to help people to manage stress and anxiety in their lives, find ways to reduce physical pain and ailments, as well as demonstrating how we use Tapping to uplift and empower. This recording we worked on increasing confidence and body love. ...