Group Tapping – The Tapping Circle – Episode#1

As an EFT Practitioner the power of group Tapping can never ignored. The Tapping Circle was a weekly class delivered Live online to an audience of more than 80,000 people, worldwide with a different weekly topic. Watch our Live demonstration to help you develop your own group Tapping sessions, whether online or in person. Each week we used EFT Tapping to help people to manage stress and anxiety in their lives, find ways to reduce physical pain and ailments, as well as demonstrating how we use Tapping to uplift and empower. This recording we worked on what is tapping, how to introduce tapping and starting to use it for mental body health and wellbeing. ...


5 Steps to get out of marketing overwhelm with your new Practice

My sister is stepping into a new business venture. She is a busy mum and very excited. She called me the other day and I could tell by the conversation that she was really stuck in a state of overwhelm. She didn’t know exactly where to start with her new business – she is just super excited and very passionate about her business idea. Its great to see, but her overwhelm is stifling her creative side, and really bogging her down. She’s not moving forward and this frustrates her. Sound familiar? So before you throw in the towel and think its all too hard - let me share with you what I shared with her.  When it comes to marketing your new business it...

Can I give you a compliment please?

When someone compliments you how do you react?

Do you say thank you?

Do you shrug or do you discount the compliment altogether?

Someone compliments your dress and you reply with “oh this is old thing, I’ve had it for ages”. They didn’t ask anything about your dress they just said they liked it. Someone comments that you are looking really well or perhaps your skin is lovely and clear and you start to feel uncomfortable, perhaps your face flushes or you find yourself looking away.

What’s so wrong with accepting a compliment these days?

Is our reaction based on who is delivering the compliment?

Is it based on where you are at the time?

Is our response affected by what we’re wearing and how comfortable we are in the outfit?

Or perhaps the time of day has an influence?