How to do DIY Acupuncture without the needles

This article appeared in Sunday Life magazine within the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Age  By Joanna Webber It sounds weird, but tapping your fingers on specific parts of your body while making powerful, self-affirming statements rewires your brain and helps restore emotional, physical and mental health. Called emotional freedom techniques (EFT) or "tapping", the process combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology and is being used to treat everything from anxiety and phobias to chronic pain, addiction and weight loss. "It's acupuncture without the needles," says Lorna Hollinger, CEO of the Australian Tapping Institute. "What can it be used for? The list is endless. People who have experienced trauma, and people with physical ailments or pain in their body can clear the emotional causes of those ailments by tapping." Traditional Chinese medicine says life energy, or...

Love and other 4 letter words

What is it about words.  We can use the same word with the same 4 letters in many different contexts and the meaning is different.  It's the same 4 letters in the same order.  It's even still spoken the same.  Yet it can have a completely different meaning depending on who you are,  what you've experienced, or even how you were raised.  I watched a great YouTube video the other day from a comedian discussing the word sh*t. He has a foreign accent. It's funny.  I've included a link here. But back to love. This word has come to mean so much more than just these 4 letters. L O V E To me… . It's a heartfelt way I express how I'm feeling. In the moment.  Or...

Stop walking someone else’s dog and dump the stress!

Curve balls? What are they and how should you allow them to affect you?  I think of them as "someone else's dog". And while some of us do walk our neighbours, or friends or a family dog - we don't go around walking every one elses dog.  Its their dog - let them walk it.  Life has a way of throwing you off your path at times.  Some say you're being tested others say its Just a coincidence. So which is it? For me there are no coincidences.  I'm pretty sure my life is reasonably mapped out for me and when I deviate from my path things don't feel right.  Situations just feel off. I'm sure you've felt that too.  Its like your inner compass just...



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