About ATI

Hi I'm Lorna,

I'm an International EFT Trainer and Master Practitioner, author of the Ultimate Guide to Being an EFT Practitioner, and mentor to amazingly fabulous people, just like you, who become Extra-ordinary Practitioners!

I know you feel in your heart you were destined for something bigger and brighter. There is a story in you yet to be told. There is soooo much more to do in this world but it just sits in your heart waiting...

You’ve been around in circles for years trying to figure it all out. Waiting for a sign. Waiting to know more or heal more. Deciding whether you are ready or whether you have your own life sorted out enough yet.

You are ready...

Now is the time to make it happen!

Let’s make miracles happen together!


Lorna Hollinger

Founder – Head Trainer – Champion of Change!

Lorna Hollinger is an international Master EFT Practitioner, multi-award winning business owner and founder of the Australian Tapping Institute where she trains and supports heart centred people from across the globe to tap into their passions and create an abundant business. Lorna’s numerous awards include the Women with Altitudes’ Climb Every Mountain Award and the Linking Ladies’ prestigious Woman of Inspiration Award. Lorna holds Diplomas in Life Coaching and Business Management, Master Practitioner certifications in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping) and Neuro-linguistic Programming. She’s been featured in numerous magazines such as Good Health Magazine, SBS Online, The Sun-Herald, and Sunday Age Lifestyle Magazine. She’s been a guest on the Women on Top, Women are the Journey and Venus Warriors podcasts. She is a featured EFT Practitioner in Dr Peta Stapleton’s Book - The Science Behind Tapping and the host of The Tapping Circle, a weekly Live Facebook event to a community of 80,000+ followers. Lorna heads up ATI with a passion for empowering people to create lasting change! Lorna is available to write or speak on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as a self-help tool, EFT Practitioner Training, and using EFT through a major life change.


Tina Meyer

Student Mentor and Executive team member

Tina Meyer is one of our Student Mentors here at ATI and a graduate EFT and Life Coach Practitioner. She is an EFT (Tapping) facilitator, Reiki Master, Meditation and Chair Yoga teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Life Coach and Sound Healer. She possesses a Master of Arts in Writing and uses writing strategies to support healing as well as mentoring people through the memoir writing process.</p> <p>Tina’s area of expertise is supporting adults who have experienced trauma in their childhood to move beyond the impact of the trauma to reclaim their lives. She is the founder of the Blue Butterfly Institute which advocates for the rights of abused children, educates on the impact and reality of trauma brain, and offers healing workshops and programs for the victims and families of sexual abuse.</p> <p>As part of our Executive team, Tina believes that we all have, within us, the power to heal and empower ourselves to live our best lives.


Rosemary Salway

Student Mentor and Executive team member

Rosemary Salway is one of our Student Mentors here at ATI. She is a graduate EFT and Life Coach Practitioner and a yoga and meditation teacher. She has a background in small business; from owning a large retail franchise business to then opening a boutique financial planning practice. Rosemary discovered EFT in 2009 and has used it extensively to help create the life she wanted. Having left the corporate world behind her, Rosemary now enjoys working with clients to help them live their best lives using the tools of EFT, yoga and meditation. As part of our Executive team, Rosemary combines her love of EFT with her desire to help others to provide ongoing support, guidance, and coaching to our students through our dedicated Mentor programme.


Tania Ackermann

Head of Branding – All things Graphic – Design Guru!

Tania Ackermann is all things branding, design and graphics here at ATI. She has an eye for detail and a creativity to understand what it takes to develop a strong brand. With Diplomas in Advertising and Commercials Arts (Design) Tania creates and oversees the graphics and branding side of the Institute.


Natalie Campbell

Executive VA and Business Operations Strategist

Natalie Campbell is our Executive VA to the CEO and Business Operations Strategist. She has a background in Project Management and enjoys the technical side of things in business. When something needs to be done, Nat is there to assist and puts pieces of the puzzles together so that the school keeps running. She pays attention to the details and always comes up with ideas and strategies on how we can make the overall experience for our students and the team super-easy.