About ATI

Today, I am the Founder of the Australian Tapping Institute, an International trainer, and a multi award winning business owner. I train and support heart centred people from across the globe to tap into their passions and create an abundant business.

By 34 I was diagnosed with clinical depression and given prescription medication. I was drinking alcohol each day and wanting the world to stop so I could get off for a while. At that point I knew I would regret my life if I stayed in my toxic marriage. Something needed to change.

By 37 I found myself a divorced mum who spent weekends planning her own suicide while my sons visited their dad. I was desperately searching for a way to feel better.

I bought my first personal development book around this time and the journey into wanting more and realising that I could have more began. I started to seek out thought leaders who helped people to take control and transform their lives, like Tony Robbins, Louise Hay and Dr Phil. As I healed and my self -esteem grew, I wanted to help other people to do the same. I enrolled in a Life Coaching College, so I could learn the skills and tools to help other people change their thoughts and lives. I felt like I could really make a difference in this world for the first time in my life.

One of the things I've learned is that people don't want more information, they want to feel better. They want to be inspired and be shown the path. I learned that if I took baby steps to face how I had been choosing to live, I could slowly transform my own life. Change was possible for me, for everyone, and all it would take was small steps towards my own self-belief.

The reason I do my work today is because change is possible for everyone, but sometimes we need a steady hand to guide us.

I believe the most powerful way I can help create change in the world is to train and support my students to graduate with the essential skills to impact thousands of lives through their coaching, workshops and programs.

Maybe you haven't slid down a dark hole of life like I did, but at some point, you've probably felt lost and confused and been searching for answers.

On the flip side of your pain and struggle lie your greatest opportunities. Use your life to make an impact on others, whether it's 5 people, 50 people, or 50,000 people.

As you help others transform their lives, and they start doing the same, you create a ripple effect. And before you know it, your work and your message is making a bigger difference than you ever could have imagined.

Lorna Hollinger, Founder of ATI


Lorna Hollinger

Founder – Head Trainer – Champion of Change!

Lorna Hollinger is an award-winning Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, and Founder of the Australian Tapping Institute where she trains and supports heart centred people from across the globe to tap into their passions and create an abundant business. Lorna’s numerous awards include the Women with Altitudes’ Climb Every Mountain Award and the Linking Ladies’ prestigious Woman of Inspiration Award. Lorna holds Diplomas in Life Coaching and Business Management, Practitioner certifications in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping) and Neuro-linguistic Programming. She’s been featured in numerous magazines such as Good Health Magazine, SBS Online, The Sun-Herald, and Sunday Age Lifestyle Magazine. She’s been a guest on the Women on Top, Women are the Journey and Venus Warriors podcasts. She is a featured EFT Practitioner in Dr Peta Stapleton’s Book - The Science Behind Tapping and the host of The Tapping Circle, a weekly Live Facebook event to a community of 80,000+ followers. Lorna heads up ATI with a passion for empowering people to create lasting change! Lorna is available to write or speak on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as a self-help tool, EFT Practitioner Training, and using EFT through a major life change.


Tania Ackermann

Head of Branding – All things Graphic – Design Guru!

Tania Ackermann is all things branding, design and graphics here at ATI. She has an eye for detail and a creativity to understand what it takes to develop a strong brand. With Diplomas in Advertising and Commercials Arts (Design) Tania creates and oversees the marketing and branding side of the Institute.