5 Steps to get out of marketing overwhelm with your new Practice

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5 Steps to get out of marketing overwhelm with your new Practice

My sister is stepping into a new business venture. She is a busy mum and very excited. She called me the other day and I could tell by the conversation that she was really stuck in a state of overwhelm. She didn’t know exactly where to start with her new business – she is just super excited and very passionate about her business idea. Its great to see, but her overwhelm is stifling her creative side, and really bogging her down. She’s not moving forward and this frustrates her.

Sound familiar? So before you throw in the towel and think its all too hard – let me share with you what I shared with her. 

When it comes to marketing your new business it can get pretty daunting and overwhelming. There are so many questions to ask.

Do I use Facebook?  

Is Instagram better?  

Should I join a networking group?

Will paid ads help me get clients?

The answer is yes and no.

But before you drop any cash or time into any marketing solutions let’s talk about your strategy first.  Strategy may sound like a scary word but it simply means a plan.  A detailed plan.  We teach all our students to do this.

Let’s walk you through how to get started on your marketing strategy.  At this stage I don’t want you doing any activities.  We’re just at list stage.

Step 1: Empty your Head. Write down everything in a list that you THINK you need to do to market your business.

Step 2: Split your list. If you’ve gotten carried away and added non-marketing activities here. Separate your list into marketing activities and other activities. We just want to focus on marketing here.

Step 3: Group the activities. On your marketing list group similar activities together.  For example which are Facebook activities, which are Pinterest or Instagram activities.  YouTube exposure through video. Which activities cost money i.e. paid ads in magazines or newspapers. Group your activities together.

Step 4: Sort your list. Now you want to prioritise your list so you can start at number 1. Pick the first FREE thing you can do to market your business make it number 1. Continue on your list until they are all numbered.

Step 5: Let’s Implement Its time to implement the first thing on your list. Just work on that one thing. Once you have mastered that activity, or atleast got it into a manageable routine where you are doing in consistently, or have it on automated, move to the next activity, number #2 on your list.  And do the same.  Work on it until you master it, consistently doing it or automated it.  

Planning your Marketing strategy will help you stay out of overwhelm and give you clear path to take. It will also make your marketing efforts effective by stopping that scatter-gun effect where you just try a bunch of things all over the place, without a plan, and nothing sticks.

Happy planning your Marketing Strategy!!

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