January 2019

Are males and females the same species?

It surprises me regularly how humankind is still in existence. There are times when I think that males and females are actually different species.  We talk different, we behave different.  We walk different. We react to problems different. We think different and science has proven that our brains are wired different too. So how have we managed as a species to make relationships and co- habitating work? I think it’s the polarity that makes relationships work. We know that the balance of masculine and feminine energy within one person is important so it also seems that this balance within a relationship is important. It's seems less important whether the woman is being more feminine or the man is demonstrating masculine. It’s this polarity that makes it...

Honesty is such a lonely word…

When do you expect honesty in a relationship?  Any relationship – friends – partner – children – parents –  lover – business associate. Is there a right time? Should we be expecting the other person to be 100% honest all the time?  Are little white lies ok? Are lies that are said so you don’t hurt the other persons’ feelings ok? Are some people more prone to telling lie than others? What's the difference between lies and fibs?  What about the details that are omitted from a story? You haven’t actually been told a lie, just the important details that change the situation have been left off. For everyone I think the line is quite different. And I think the relationship you have with that person...


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